5 Recommendations For Skin Care Of The Chihuahua Breeders UK Dogs

The origins of the Chihuahua Breed are unclear. There are different theories, one of which is that it is of Chinese origin and were the Chinese who led the Chihuahua to Mexico no more than 100 years ago. Another is descended from an ancient Egyptian race.


Its origin we place in Mexico. Besides its name comes from a small Mexican town in the foothills of Sierra Madre.

Its main feature is its size. It is the company’s smallest dog there. His height is usually about 20 cm. In fact, the smaller the dog chihuahua copy be most appreciated.

It is a joyous and faithful to his master race also intelligent and easy to tame. Requires some exercise to maintain their physical fitness.

It is a fun and jovial race, so it is an ideal family dog. Despite its small size is a brave and daring dog. He does not like the cold, but is well acclimated to any country.

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The Chihuahua Breed that usually live between 14-15 years on average. The most common colors in the race are the blonde, and brown sand. Generally requires little care hair. In fact there are two varieties depending on the coat (short hair and long hair).

It is one of the world’s smallest breeds and does not require much space. It is a perfect dog for an apartment or small apartment.

The Chihuahua Breed is alert, intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal and is an excellent companion for the elderly or disabled and families with older children well educated.

There are two variants, one short hair and long hair and both types come in all sorts of color. In the cold zone chihuahua – aikoChihuahua shorthaired coat may need.

Size: 15 to 23cm

Weight: 0.5 to 3kg, but ideal weight is 1 to 2kg

Brushing: undemanding

Exercise: Moderate

Temperament: active and curious, not very playful; good traveler

Description Chihuahua Breed

The smaller dogs, but is very active. There are two varieties of Chihuahua: one with short hair and long hair but otherwise identical features otherwise.

It is compact and elegant, which is characterized by its fast, powerful movements and brazen.

The Chihuahua Breed has straight front legs just below the chest, back and leveled many quarters rear of his muscular body. Well muscled sits firmly on the ground, the tail always brings up, head tilted without falling to the sides.

Chihuahua Breeders info

The skin care for the Chihuahua breeding dogs near me are very important


The head is round, domed like an apple; eyes are round and large. Its large, erect ears are angled approximately 45 degrees. The form of two lips chihuahuaslos give his serious expression.

The texture of short hair Chihuahua has to be soft, thick and shiny. Long hair also has the smooth but fringed ears, paws, tail and hindquarters. All colors are permitted.

History of the Chihuahua

The origin of the world’s smallest dog is to this day a question mark. Some say that the ancestors of the Chihuahua living in Egypt about 3,000 years ago and said that small dogs found mummified.

Others say the Chihuahua was domesticated in Mexico before 1519 and was part of religious ceremonies of the Aztecs. Found Chihuahua statues in the pyramids of Cholula in Mexico.

They believe that the conquistadors brought back to Spain and that’s where his career began in Europe.

Finally there are those who think they have been Chinese merchants took the dog to Mexico. Whatever the case, in the late 19th century Americans found this tiny Chihuahua dog in the state and he was appointed by the state where he was found.

Usefulness of Chihuahua

Its small size has made the Chihuahua in a companion dog, particularly seniors, by requiring little exercise and lack of patience with the children.

Chihuahua Character

Cheerful and friendly dog is naturally inquisitive, asking about everything that happens. Quick thinking and clever, you will love the stimulation of training and playing.

However, generally people tend to believe they have a temper, who are intolerant and unsociable with other dogs.

Chihuahua Breed standard

Normally this type of behavior (as can happen with any breed) is developed that is not well educated and do not give the dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. It is often treated as a toy or as a helpless being who remains isolated from the rest of the world.

They usually are their masters (that if inadvertently) creating social behavior.


Chihuahua Breeders hair requires little care. It is only necessary to fix long hair so you do not tie knots, but you do not cut it. Nails should be cut.


He is alert and very good at indicating presence of strangers. He does not like you cut your nails or clean their teeth. It can be a very funny dog and is an ideal companion for the elderly.

There is usually a good choice for families with young children.

Chihuahua Care

This sympathetic to educate those who know well, puppy requires relatively little exercise. You have to get three times a day from home for your needs, but then at home have enough exercise running through the halls.

It is one of the breeds that require less exercise and therefore ideal for the elderly and disabled.

Chihuahuas can live up to 18 years.

Chihuahua for families with young children is not recommended. These little gods are well suited to all kinds of circumstances, but are somewhat sensitive to low temperatures and can suffer in winter.

They may suffer from heart disease. The Chihuahua should live well within the house and in the garden.


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