You Know 3 Things To Do if Your Dog Has Distemper Canine Symptoms

We love our pets, with distemper canine which we share a lot of time every day. So when we see listless and apathetic we immediately care about your health, an important reaction to determine if something serious actually happens.

There are several diseases that can affect our dog, of all distemper is one of the most serious, is that if it is not treated in time can result in death of the animal.


We give some important signals to let you know if your dog has distemper canine and how you should proceed to care for a dog with distemper.

 What is distemper?

Distemper, also known as is a dangerous virus that affects dogs and other animals.

It is a viral disease that is very close to measles in humans, affecting significantly the animals, especially puppies and older dogs that may develop complications.

Distemper Canine Symptoms

Although there is a vaccine against, many animals are still vulnerable to this virus is widely spread in the world.

How is it spread?

Being a virus, how to spread lies in contact with the fluids of infected animals, including water or food that has been consumed by them.

The disease can travel by air, so this is another common form of infection.

Once in the body of the animal, the virus takes between 14 and 18 days to hatch, after which time they begin to show the first symptoms.


The key to detecting if your pet is unwell is always carefully observe their behavior. In the case of very clear symptoms, with disease progression, will attack different parts of the dog to respiratory, intestinal, skin and body are presented neurological level.

Fever, which may appear 6 days after exposure.

Disappears and reappears as the infection progresses. Apathy, loss of appetite and weakness, the dog is no longer as active as usual.

Decrease in water consumption, leading to dehydration. At this point there are enough reasons to take the animal to the vet, but other more obvious symptoms that point directly to are presented.


  Do if Your Dog Has Distemper Canine Symptoms

Moquillo, also known as distemper canine vaccine, is a dangerous virus that affects dogs and other animal species


Significant respiratory problems, cough, shortness of breath and green nasal secretions.

Intestinal problems like constant and yellow diarrhea and vomiting.

Conjunctivitis or eye secretions.

Rashes on your skin and hardening of the pads of their paws.

Tics, seizures, and in severe cases paralysis.


How to diagnose?

The first symptoms can point to various diseases, but a way to determine if it is virus or any other infection is analyzing eye secretions produced by the conjunctivitis. Respiratory problems and hardening of the pads are important symptoms that often indicate, yet always tests are done to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment of dogs

Distemper is a disease of major gravity has no specific treatment, at which point veterinarians is to apply medication to counteract the symptoms as they arise and allow the dog to develop its own defenses against disease. Antibiotics to fight infections that generate disease, supplements and medicines to relieve specific symptoms are the usual treatment in cases .

As before distemper is detected the better the life expectancy for dog, thus preventing the virus breakthrough and causing irreversible neurological damage. It is very important to go to the vet immediately if your dog has never been vaccinated against distemper and suspicion of its existence, or has been exposed to the environment of another infected animal.

If your dog has been diagnosed with this virus, we recommend reading our article how to care for a dog with distemper.

How to prevent

 Things Distemper Canine Symptoms

Distemper canine is a disease of major gravity has no specific treatment


For any illness the best tool is always prevention, and in the case of distemper is possible to achieve the timely vaccination. The dog must be vaccinated for the first time against distemper at 6 to 8 weeks old, and receive the booster shot every year.

If you plan to mount your bitch to get pregnant, it is best to immunize before doing thus transmit vaccine antibodies pups during lactation.

Never bring the dog into the field or get in contact with other animals until you have received all their vaccinations, especially distemper, because you are risking your life.



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Although there is a vaccine against distemper canine treatment, many animals are still vulnerable to this virus is widely spread in the world.


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