diseases of the Dog Fernando del Jura

The 5 Peculiarities that Denote the Dog Fernando del Jura

The dog Fernando del Jura is a dog of domestic type whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, it was used to hunt in the mountainous areas of the Jura, specifically in the border area between France and Switzerland.

In fact, at the time of the Roman Empire, there was already knowledge about this race in Switzerland.

The dog Fernando del Jura is characterized and noted for its ability to track, similar to what they do commonly the rest of the hounds, since they have an excellent sense of smell can even detect odors kilometers away.

For this reason, in their countries of origin this dog tends to be used to hunt hares. In addition, there are a total of four different types of Swiss hound, among which of course is the dog Fernando de Jura, and these are: Swiss Hound, Hound of Bern, Hound of Lucera and Hound of Jura.

Feeding the Dog Fernando del Jura

Occasionally, professionals in this subject, consider all these races as a single and indicate that there is a great diversity of dogs.

The coat of this breed of dog is very varied colors, its head has great width and has some wrinkles which make the big difference compared to the rest of the Swiss hounds.

It has great popularity for its effectiveness when hunting foxes, hares and sometimes even deer of tiny size. If dog Fernando de Jura is desired as a companion then a driving that is quite firm is needed.

The average life time of the dog Fernando de Jura is approximately 12 years, and when it reaches the adult stage it can reach a weight of up to 20 kilograms and an average height of 55 centimeters.

diseases of the Dog Fernando del Jura

Characteristics of the Dog Fernando de Jura


1) Physical aspect: The height of the dog Fernando de Jura is average, so it can be considered to be medium, his body builds strength and firmness. Its head is thin and the snout is elongated, as the ears are quite long and therefore have a fairly noble appearance.

2) Great hunters: It is a breed of dog that shows great effectiveness in performing various tasks, especially those related to hunting, such as hunting smaller hares or as a member of a herd to carry out the hunt of wild boars, foxes or Corsica

The bark of the Fernando de Jura is very useful for these dogs when they go to perform their hunting work, as it facilitates the corraling of the prey without retreating or abandoning the pursuit of it, no matter how complicated they may become. the conditions of the terrain.

3) Very active at the physical level: This breed of dog needs to be physically active and therefore should be exercised with some regularity. When the Fernando de Jura is in a rural area, they are able to function excellently since they can walk through the countryside, instead they find it difficult to adapt to the urban areas since they usually have these sites with little space to mobilize.

care of the Dog Fernando del Jura

The dog Fernando del Jura is characterized and noted for its ability to track


4) Excellent companions: They are passionate about hunting, they have great capacity for resistance, which is why they take more time to get tired when they are doing some work, the best thing is that they have fun when they are working.

In family environments they tend to obey a lot, demonstrate fidelity, docility and a lot of patience with children; They are also very easy to train and sociable with other dogs. The Fernando de Jura is also an incredible guard dog.

5) Health: A great advantage of the Dog Fernando de Jura is that in very few occasions they present health problems, in most of the cases where more complications usually have is in their ears since they are drooping and tend to accumulate fungi and bacteria since they are also quite humid.

As it is a dog that is implemented for hunting, it is suggested that after this work is done a general review to ensure that it has no external agents embedded in the skin, parasites, etc .; especially the revision of the ears and legs is important.


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