Care for the Dog Artesian Hound

Do you Know The Characteristics of The Dog Hound Artesian?

The Dog Hound Artesian, is also called as the Dog of Artois although its name originally is Basset d ‘Artois. It is characterized by being a very good dog for hunting, which has excellent physical build, good muscles, very strong and energetic.

The head of it is large but at the same time it is short. Their ears are of great length and width, and they possess certain plain at the level of the eyes.

The tail has great thickness and when it is resting it has a shape similar to that of a sickle.

Its coat is silky, short, compact and of three colors which are white, dark beige and hair of hare; and has large spots.

Diseases of the Dog Hound Artesian

Formerly this breed of dog was known under the name of Picardy Dog, and was quite praised at the time, and its popularity was increasing with the passage of time to the point of becoming recognized for its great ability to hunt hares

Then this breed ceased to be completely pure as it began to mix with other breeds of dog, until the day when some people who were dedicated to breed dogs focused on carrying out selective breeding in such a way that only dogs were chosen that will have the classic characteristics of the breed of the Dog Hound Artesian.

However, there came a point where it was even considered that the breed was extinct, although there were still some dogs that had managed to survive, and with the help of people specialized in the subject again this race was restored.

The Dog Hound Artesian has great versatility in terms of the work it can do, as it is excellent for hunting hares, tracking or as a member of herds to hunt wild boar and roe deer. Therefore, it is essential that you exercise frequently.


Care for the Dog Hound Artesian

The classic characteristics of the Dog Hound Artesian


  • General appearance: It is a dog breed that is physically well formed, has good muscles and has a short trunk. At first sight it proves to be very energetic and to have a lot of strength.
  • Personality and temperament: The Dog Hound Artesian is very tough and rough, has a good sense of smell and works excellently in a pack. He is usually very cautious and loves to receive and give affection.
  • Skull: It is not very long, it has great width and it is considerably big. In the upper area is something round and flat.
  • Face: The upper lip covers a large percentage of the lower lip, and it is quite accentuated in such a way that when the dog looks in profile, its snout has a square aspect.
  • Nose: It is large, has a black color and its holes are very open.
  • Snout: The length of the snout is somewhat moderate.
  • Teeth and jaw: The way in which it articulates has some resemblance to the movement of a scissors. The upper teeth are responsible for covering those below by contacting closely.
  • Eyes: The eyes have a considerable distance between them, they have a rounded shape and the look of these is characterized by transmitting melancholy and sweetness. The tone is a dark brown.

Care for the Dog Hound Artesian

The Dog Hound Artesian, is also called as the Dog of Artois


  • Ears: They are located at eye level, have a certain thickness and width, the ends of these are round. They are also very long.
  • Body: The back is very wide and marked, the spine has a certain curvature in its shape, its chest is quite wide and is of great depth to the point that the line of the sternum is able to reach the height of the elbows . The ribs are quite compressed.
  • Tail: It is of great thickness and a very considerable length, and the Basset Artésien Normand carries it as if it were a sickle, never falling forward. The coat of the tail is stylized from the end of the tail, around it there are long and bulky hairs that have some distance between them.
  • Coat color: The coat of the Dog Hound Artesian is characterized by its silkiness, density and being short. His hair is three colors, like a kind of dark fawn with spots.

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