Disadvantages of having a dog pug

Do you know the Characteristics of the Beautiful Dog Pug Carlino?

The dog pug or dog carlino is a breed of canine with historical origin in China, is one of the oldest races on the planet and can be traced back to China at least 3000 years ago.


The dog pug carlino is a beautiful millennial dog of small size, but of a great personality, this singular character was walking from lap to lap in the ancient courts of the Chinese empire.

Also in the Chinese ancestral culture was offered as a very appreciated present to the very important and honorable guests at weddings of the princes and emperors.


At present, this unique puppy has struck the hearts of millions of homes in the world, is also an alert dog, attentive and willing to love its owner, these effervescent dogs love to play tired, especially when they are young in the range of 4 and up to 5 years.

Disadvantages of having a dog pug

Pugs or dogs have or have a standard weight between 6 and 10.5 kg and the colors of their fur are black sand with a black mask.


They are quite small dogs but they have a very difficult personality to forget, especially in relation to the affinity they achieve with their owner and his family.


They prefer temperate temperatures and because of their characteristics they feel very comfortable and happy in an apartment … many of their owners tell that these naughty clowns love to sleep and at the same time snore peacefully.


This small dog breed is quite versatile and very motivated thanks to this can be the option for your selection as part of the family of a wide range of people, tastes and lifestyles.


It is an ideal dog for both the elderly, to serve the long-awaited company and in turn for people living alone in apartments, it is an adorable and very sociable dog so it gets along well with family members and children .

How to feed a dog pug

The dog pug vector or dog dogs have or have a standard weight between 6 and 10.5 Kg.


Something that can not be left aside among the most relevant characteristics of the beautiful dog Pug Carlino, is that without a doubt, it is a fun dog and very sure of itself, as many small dogs have a strong personality.


The beautiful pug dogs are happy, they are brave dogs and they are not intimidated by bigger dogs, they are playful and so sociable that they get along with everyone, that includes the tremendous ones of the bone house with the children.


Because they are so docile, they do not tend to fight for anything in the world, and unlike many other dogs of a more ferocious and disturbed nature, they love to be with the leader of their pack who is no more than a loved and beloved owner.

Going for a walk and accompanying him is an activity that this dog breed is so passionate about.

Benefits of having a dog pug

The dog pug for sale or dog carlino is a breed of canine with historical origin in China


Pug dogs are not good watchdogs, because they are not dogs that are going to repel an intrusion that will never happen.


But if they are good at generating alertness, barking firmly at any strange noise and achieving their goal of calling the attention to what the pug considers a danger to its owner that is part of his pack.


As a defect, it can be highlighted that they are sometimes stubborn and occasionally to their surprise they can become deaf and not attend to the call if they are occupied in their own affairs.

So if it is not motivating, your call will remain submerged in their dog world without interest in interference, maybe this is due to his mischief and intelligence.



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The beautiful pug dog price is cheerful, is a brave dog and is not intimidated by larger dogs



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