9 Ways to Meet the Care of Dogs Cocker Spaniel Dogs Puppies

Dogs Cocker Spaniel this beautiful breed of dog is one of the most popular pets worldwide company, its medium size and obvious intelligence make him a favorite of the whole family, but this animal requires special attention, but we give major clues about his character and needs to know how to care for a Dogs Cocker Spaniel.

Size: Small

– Male: 39-41 cm,. Female: 38 – 39 cm, 12.5 to 14.5 kg.

– Brushing: frequent

– Exercise: Average

– Food: poor

– Temperament: lively and highly dynamic

Description Cocker Spaniel

The Dogs Cocker Spaniel is an active, friendly compact body and strong dog down slightly toward the tail. The head (square muzzle and powerful jaws) is long and has a marked stop.

The eyes are large and sweet and never colored. Fairly low and inserted ears are silky and long. Its tail, cut not too short, follows the line of the spine.

Coat: smooth, uniform, silky, with many stripes (never curly). Color: black or tawny golden roan tricolor or brindle.

History of the Dogs Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel sapick. Like other spaniels and spaniels, their distant ancestors are to be found among dogs known sign of creeping middle age. In the early nineteenth century began to be called a Cocker spaniel small, but was not recognized as original race until early next century. Very popular in the UK. But with its origins in Spain as the name suggests.

Ways to Meet the Care of Dogs Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Utilities Dogs Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker has a highly developed sense of smell and is revealed as an excellent hunting dog in the swamps and forests. The characteristics of hunting are having an ability to trace a great distance, a chase barking and passionate collection. The small size allows you to circumvent Cocker Spaniel weeds and brambles. The character traits make him especially suited to family life.

Advantages of  Dogs Cocker Spaniel

– Great smell and agility

– Useful for hunting

– Adorable company, sweet nature

– Sympathetic

– Longevity

Dogs Cocker Spaniel Care

It is essential to teach them to obey and watch their diet, they are always hungry. The Cocker Spaniel with a proper diet and exercise regularly proves to be one of the most healthy and long-lived dogs.

The Cocker Spaniel require regular grooming with focus on feet and ears, due to its length of hair, trying to not tangle and an occasional shearing (with strong brushed). In areas as excessive coat should be controlled. You must do enough exercise to prevent weight gain, it is prone to it.


Ways to Meet the Care of Dogs Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Dogs Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix is one of
the Most Popular Pet Company Worldwide.


Character Dogs Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is an active dog and field intelligent and affectionate animal has a very high level of craving for affection, could say that is very cuddly family dog with great temperament.

The Cocker Spaniel is a charming companion, who has the distinction of his tail stirring constantly.

One should check the status of the parents of the puppies unicolores lineage, has low level of aggression and a medium level of trainability, playfulness, and destructive character.


– It is a customizable dog because of its size, also happens to be a curious pet who loves to share with the family, so it’s not a good race to remain isolated in the garden.

– This animal can be very susceptible to severe discipline so before a failure is not a good idea to punish too hard.

– Although it is a small, customizable pet that can live perfectly in an apartment, the Cocker Spaniel also requires exercise as his past hunter makes him prone to the activity, so you should spend some time each day to walk and games.

 Ways to Meet the Care of Dogs Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Dogs Cocker Spaniel for sale this beautiful breed of dog is one of the most popular pets worldwide company


– Her long beautiful hair attracts attention and makes him worthy of special care. You should brush daily and strive to keep it free of mud, is especially legs and ears, a good idea is to feed in a narrow dish so that your ears do not get dirty with food

 – Do not overdo the food and treats you give to Cocker as it is very prone to obesity if fed too and overall is a sweet dog who never say no to any snack, so pay attention.

– Like other dogs with long ears is important to keep them clean to avoid infections and problems, so dedicate yourself once a week to review and care

– If there are children in your family the Cocker is a good companion for them, likes to run, play and seek prey items, so the fun is ensured.

– Take him to the vet twice a year for checkups, with this you can be sure that you are strong and healthy.

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Dogs Cocker Spaniel Turns a Pet Very curious to enchant Share to Family



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