5 reasons why free puppies can’t eat sweets UK

The intake of sweets may result in serious consequences for the health of your free puppies depending on the amount of sugar taken.

The body of the dog is not the same as ours since there are a number of substances not tolerated and, therefore, we must eliminate from your diet or take into account to keep out of reach foods that contain them.

Sweets are part of the list of foods toxic to them but do you know why? To answer your questions on this subject, this article will show you why dogs can not eat sweet.


If you want to feed your dog in the best way possible, you should do so by dry feed for its size, weight and age.

See our article on choosing food for your dog to understand the keys and tips and pick the one that best fits him.

However, if you consider that the feed does not cover all their nutritional needs and would like to supplement your diet with healthy.

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Natural foods, you have the possibility of prorporcionarle small amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Of course, keep in mind that not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for them, remember that, as with sweet, some of them are toxic and your body can not properly digest.

So it is essential that you consult the fruits and vegetables you should not eat dogs and not the proportions.

 In the same way that a considerable excess sugar can trigger the onset of diabetes in humans, in dogs this fact intensifies.

This means it does not require large amounts to develop the IGT and therefore it is not advisable to eat sweets or sugar.

The digestive system of dogs is much more delicate than ours and presents difficulties to metabolize certain substances, one of which is glucose.

In this way, blood glucose levels increase to the point of producing negative changes in your body.

Furthermore, sweets are formed high in fat and calories, a fact that may trigger canine obesity.

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The free puppies in pa need a lot of care including avoiding ingesting sweets


 By eating more fat than your body needs, the pancreas increases production of digestive enzyme that digest and absorb the lipase.

By increasing the number of enzymes, the pancreas is inflamed to the point of developing pancreatitis, in the most extreme cases. Thus, intake of sweets is not only harmful for the possibility of producing an increase in weight of the dog, but also the risk of serious diseases like this.

In cases where the dog has taken a minimum amount of fresh, chances are it does not happen anything, since the above consequences occur when it exceeds the maximum amount that your body can metabolize.

It is important to understand that we should not humanize our dogs by rewarding them with human consumption of industrial products, such as muffins, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, cakes, etc., as it will damage your health. In the market there are several brands that are responsible for producing specific premis for dogs of different sizes and flavors, flavored with products suitable for them.

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The intake of sweets may result in serious consequences for the health of your free puppies near me depending on the amount of sugar taken


So, now you know why dogs can not eat sweets, it is advisable to delete it completely from your diet and the diseñasdos acudas awards cans if you want to reward positive behavior. Also, to food poisoning, do not hesitate to bring your dog to the vet ASAP.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject and know the reasons why you should not give your dog chocolate, we encourage you to visit our article on why dogs can not eat chocolate.

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