Hunting Dog breeds

Meet the 5 Most Popular Hunting Dog Breeds

We love Hunting Dog, we love them as pets, and we certainly love them as hunting companions.

And while not all breeds can be of great use as hunting dogs, as is the case with a Chihuahua, but fortunately there are many breeds of dogs that are excellent hunters, and there are all kinds, will depend largely on the type of prey they prefer to hunt.

There are a lot of hunters who are loyal to their breed. While dogs are excellent pets and companions today, dogs have a much longer history of serving more utilitarian purposes. And one of the most important purposes throughout human and dog history was to function as hunting companions.

The hard truth is that, when well trained, hunting dogs are much more resilient and capable than humans because of their athletic ability, sense of smell and acute hearing. They just need you to teach them those talents.

Hunting today is more of a sport than a necessity, but dogs are still one of the best tools any hunter can have at his disposal.

The point is that not all breeds of dogs are suitable for hunting, as their ancestors could have been. As such, dedicated hunters should look for specialized breeds designed for the task, in case they want to find success on the hunting trails.

Dogs as excellent hunting companions

Even in medieval times, canines used to go alongside hunters on horseback to hunt wildlife, and there are many writings that point to dogs as original hunters.

Hunting Dog breeds

Today, hunting with dogs on the side is not as popular in some countries, but the practice itself has not completely disappeared.

Hunting remains very popular, and hunters are always looking for the best hunting dogs, which are often selected and listed by other professional hunters who evaluate the capabilities of each hunting dog and evaluate which breeds of hunting dogs are most suitable for certain types of hunting.

When it comes to choosing only the best hunting dogs, it is a very difficult choice to make. All dogs are unique in their appearance and are best for specific hunting tasks.

For example, some breeds of hunting dogs are better at catching fast prey such as rabbits or foxes, while others will be professional at detecting hiding places for certain animals.

The bottom line is that there is no single best hunting dog. There are multiple breeds that professional hunters consider better hunting dogs.

The most popular hunting dogs

1) American Foxhound: As you can imagine by name, American hunting dogs were bred specifically for the purpose of hunting.

Their heritage, combined with a long history of loyalty and ability, makes them excellent candidates for all types of hunting, tracking and more, although they are certainly excellent when it comes to hunting foxes.

While, to some, they may seem like Beagles, American Foxhounds tend to be a little taller and thinner, which lends credibility to their reputation as hard-working, athletic dogs.

They are also extremely easy to care for, requiring very little personal care, and they are excellent family dogs because their relaxed attitude makes them friendly and loving companions to adults and children alike.

Hunting Dog training

But don’t let their kindness deter you, these dogs can be very rough when it comes to the house.

2) American Pitbull Terrier: What many people don’t know about Pitbulls is that one of their original functions was to babysit families with young children, as they can be incredibly loving and remarkably loyal.

In fact, when trained with respect and love, they are some of the sweetest animals on the planet. Of course, they also have a reputation for being remarkably robust, tenacious and dangerous, which is why many people have turned to them to use them as guard dogs.

3) Beagle: Beagles tend to be playful, curious and adorable. But it is important to remember that they were also originally bred for the purpose of hunting foxes, rabbits and even birds and small deer.

A little more robust than their American counterparts Foxhound, they share many of the qualities, including their colors, their tenacity, and their loyal and obedient attitude.

It is also worth noting that when it comes to hunting dogs, these are one of the most popular, and have been for years, which means that it should not be difficult to find one that is in adoption.

Hunting Dog africa

4) Hound: If Sherlock Holmes were a canine, it is very likely to be a hound, not only for his inheritance and appearance, but also for his excellent research skills.

Few dogs on this list are as cunning as the hound when it comes to tracking the smell of its prey. And it’s their legendary nose that can be credited.

That’s also why law enforcement agencies so commonly use them to help find missing persons. If you need something to look for, the hound is the dog for you.

Although when they are not assigned a search, they are still docile and easy to handle, making them great companions.

5) Boykin Spaniel: In truth, every breed of Spaniel is a solid choice for a good hunting dog, especially if the hunt of your choice is that of birds.

They are experts in recovery, the Boykin could be the best in class, both for his ease of training and for his absolute determination and uncompromising pursuit.

Coming from South Carolina, this particular breed of dog is ideal for brushes and wetlands, making it a good choice for hunting waterfowl such as turkey and duck.



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