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Meet the Fantastic Breeds of Japanese Dogs

The lands of Japan, in addition to being famous for their signature food dishes such as sushi and anime series, are also famous for having a huge variety of unique and widely popular Japanese dogs breeds.

Not surprisingly, a land known for its reverence for animals, dogs are no exception.

Because of the stories of great loyalty and heroism, many breeds native to Japan have been designated as a national treasure.

Even in Japan there was a time when pets were very fashionable, around 2003. Japanese people sometimes consider them as an alternative to having children.

Many of these Japanese dogs breeds have similar characteristics. People often tend to confuse some breeds with others, as there are cases in which the most distinctive trait of one breed in relation to another is its personality and temperament.

In Japan ‘inu’ means dog, so whenever you talk about a Japanese dog is usually told ‘inu’ at the end, for example: the Akita Inu or the Shikoku Inu, so you should not be surprised if you repeat the word immediately when talking about Japanese dogs.

Akita Inu


It is one of the best-known Japanese dog breeds. The Akita Inu are respected for their loyalty.

Originally from northern Japan, they are considered the national symbol of that country.

 Japanese dogs shiba Inu


But this does not make them easy to have, as they are considered one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

Some confuse them as a larger variant of the Shiba Inu for their appearance, however both breeds are very different in temperament.

A curious fact is that this race is the famous story of Hachiko, which is an Akita inu and its noble loyalty to its owner, because it continued to wait for nine years after his death, which made this race known internationally for years. This is one of the reasons why it became popular.

They are territorial dogs and become wary of strangers, which makes them good guardians.

They are strong and independent dogs so a good training and socialization are very important during their early stage.

A trained Shiba Inu can become docile to strangers who are not threatening.  But they are still good dogs to play with children, which is why they are considered as protectors of children.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu, is one of the smallest breeds in Japan, resemble the Akita Inu a little, is considered as one of the oldest dog breeds. They were formerly bred for hunting.

This breed is also considered as one of the most popular dogs, became famous for inspiring one of the oldest jokes on the Internet called the ‘meme doge’.

The characteristic sound they produce when they vocalize their voice is called ‘the Shiba cry’, this sound is usually emitted when they are extremely distressed or happy.

They are energetic and audacious, are also independent which makes them alert to strangers, it should be noted that they are dogs complicated to handle, only experienced owners are recommended to have a Shiba Inu, also must have an active lifestyle to be with this race.

Japanese dogs breed

They are also nice dogs, however they can be much better with cats, than with children or other small dogs.

This breed has an above average intelligence. A very curious aspect of them is that they are even capable of stealing, so if you are not careful supervising them, you may find some surprise in your home.

Shikoku Inu

Another of the Japanese dog breeds is the Shikoku Inu, this breed is called so because of its origin, is native to the mountainous region of Shikoku Island.

It is a medium-sized dog, and is one of the rarest dog breeds, even in Japan.

They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, which makes them very versatile with their arduous endurance and great speed. Similarly, they were trained to survive during long hunting trips, are agile incusos in mountainous terrain.

They also have an impressive sense of smell that can recognize objects miles away. They are cautious and brave; they are also very loyal to their families.

One characteristic that distinguishes them is that they are not as stubborn or independent as other breeds of Japanese dogs, so they are ideal as family dogs compared to other breeds.

Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu, nicknamed as they Japanese Mastiff, is the largest breed of Japanese dogs. Coming from Tosa Bay on Shikoku Island, this breed is recognized for its athletic abilities.

Originally bred to fight, this makes them very protective dogs, although today are bred to be guard dogs.  This is why it has come to prohibit the obtaining of Tosa Inu in some countries, even in some prefectures of Japan itself.

Many owners of this breed will say that despite what is thought (by its history) are dogs with a docile and calm personality. But this should not be totally neglected because there may be cases in which they are aggressive if they are not trained properly.

Therefore, dogs are not very popular among families because they require a good hand to train them, which is why they are not accessible to all families who are not willing to provide adequate training.

Japanese dogs breed

Unlike other Japanese dog breeds, Tosa Inu is not highly energetic. For his personality mistrusts strangers, and is particularly a watchman with his family, but despite everything, are dogs who want to please their owners.

Hokkaido Inu

The Hokkaido known for its fidelity, courage and ability to withstand the cold, is rarely seen outside Japan. This breed is medium sized, physically strong and intelligent.

Their appearance is very similar to the Shiba Inu and Akita Inu, but the difference is that they are larger than the Shiba Inu but smaller than an Akita Inu.

They are also the only breed with double coat, as they come from a territory with very cold climates. This breed is very active, so the ideal owners are those who have a lifestyle that is compatible with physical activity.

The Hokkaido Inu stands out for its agility and obedience. But if not trained properly, they can be a disaster at home.

They are strong and intelligent, and they are not kind to strangers.

Thus they can become incredibly protective of their families.  This makes Hokkaidos a good choice for families who like to keep busy with their pets.

It is important to keep in mind that they are ideal dogs in homes with spacious gardens.


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