Benefits of Marijuana for Pets

Benefits and Risks of the Use of Marijuana for Pets

Can dogs benefit from Marijuana for Pets? Many sites in the US have comprehensive laws of medical marijuana. Others allow the use of cannabis products with low THC content and high cannabidiol or CBD for medical use.

In these sites, patients know where they are and what their options are if they want to access medical marijuana, but only if they are human.

For dogs, the problem of access to medical marijuana is more complicated. And if medical cannabis can benefit canines it is even less clear.

Medical marijuana laws do not apply to pets or to veterinarians who treat them. Veterinarians can not prescribe Marijuana for Pets to their patients, and even suggesting it as an option can cause problems.

There is no formal scientific research on the efficacy of marijuana for dogs.

Medicinal pet marijuana is good in theory, for the management of animal pain. Like us, dogs have cannabinoid receptors, so there is a scientific basis for thinking that marijuana could help some of the same ailments for them as it does for humans. The base is there to learn more, but that’s where things get difficult.

Marijuana for Pets near me

Marijuana is a controlled substance according to the US federal government, which is considered not to have a currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. To conduct clinical studies on their medical applications, researchers must register with the Anti-Drug Agency to obtain a special license for the site where the study will be conducted,.

Send a request for the study to the Food and Drug Administration and obtain marijuana from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

These are not insignificant obstacles, and without further investigation, getting an understanding on whether medical marijuana for pets can help dogs is still difficult. There are no safety data, efficacy data and dosing data.

What we do have is a lot of anecdotal information, some pet owners are not waiting for the science or the law to catch up with what they see as a viable option to treat their pets’ diseases or make them more comfortable.

If marijuana is not available to dogs, what were people using? There are some cannabis products available for pets, They are made of hemp, a different variety of the same plant as marijuana, Cannabis sativa.

Marijuana for Pets pros and cons

Medicinal Marijuana for pets canada is good in theory, for the management of animal pain.


Hemp is subject to different regulations that marijuana for medicinal pets and contains very little THC which is the cannabinoid in marijuana that produces a high level that can be toxic to dogs, but contains CBD, the cannabinoid involved by having a variety of medical applications.

A published survey found that of 632 people, 72 percent reported using or using a hemp product for their dog and 104 tested it with their cat and 64 percent felt that it helped their pets.

Some edible goodies derived from hemp are available for dogs on the Internet, in dispensaries and even in veterinary offices.

Beyond the lack of research on the medical marijuana treatment for pets, many veterinarians urge caution when using these hemp products for another reason.

They are treated as supplements and not as pharmaceuticals, and have not been subjected to the same tests as new medicines, currently there is no regulation of, or data on, hemp supplements and highly variable content levels of their active ingredients.

Some of the companies that make these supplements received warning letters from the FDA last year about their marketing practices, specifically that they were marketed and labeled for use in the mitigation, treatment or prevention of animal diseases without FDA approval.

Medicinal Marijuana for Pets

The lack of supervision, quality control and absolute inability to know what the product really contains is what bothers me, in the case of hemp-based supplements, the lack of knowledge about specific toxicity for animals is an additional problem .


Marijuana for pets asx is a controlled substance that is considered to have no currently accepted medical use


For now, we simply do not know for sure if dogs could benefit from medical marijuana for any of their forms, but that could change as public attitudes and even some laws around cannabis change.

Lawmakers in the US are pushing to open medical marijuana for pets to more scientific research and extend the potential benefits of medical marijuana to pets. Last year 2016, a bill was introduced that would have allowed the state to issue medical marijuana cards to pets with certain diseases and demanded that the state regulate medical marijuana products for animals, including formulation, labeling and dosing.

The proposal died after failing to have a hearing on the Health and Human Services Committee. In Florida, a bill introduced earlier this year would authorize the University of Florida to work with veterinary researchers to conduct research to determine the benefits and contraindications of using low-THC cannabis and low-THC cannabis products for treatment. of animals with seizures, disorders or other diseases that limit life, that bill is currently in committee.

Although the anecdotal effects sound intriguing and potentially beneficial, the research will help us to classify the real effects of medicinal marijuana for medicated pets, of those of the placebo, the research would also allow us to more rigorously evaluate and document the adverse effects.

Only then, veterinarians, will be able to weigh the risk-benefit relationship from a scientifically informed perspective.

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