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5 Curiosities You Must Know about the Peruvian Dog

There is a breed of dog that is called Peruvian Dog. It is a dog that has been known about its existence for about 300 years before Christ.


This breed has very peculiar characteristics, has a fine and refined behavior, is of thin texture and light bones.

His physique proves that he is a fast, strong and harmonious dog. There are three different types of Peruvian Dog according to their size: small, medium and large.

And the most remarkable thing about these dogs is that they do not possess hairs, but this is due to an eventuality in their genes, this in turn brings about as a consequence that they have their body unprotected and are more prone to get sick.


The Inca cuPeruvian Dog breedslture was a great lover of these dogs, they adored them because they are very quiet and have a great intelligence, and from there they continued to breed these dogs in Peru until now, expanding their reproduction to other sites such as North America and Europe.

The Peruvian Dog is an extravagant breed, and because of its lack of hairs, it needs special attention.

They are charismatic, intelligent and affectionate, they also get on very well with children as well as with adults, and also with other dogs.

1- For a large number of people this type of dog is ideal because their personality is loyal, social, and obey orders, and best of all is that they love children, if you have children then this dog is perfect for You, since as soon as this canine knows them, will want to take care of them and protect them from any danger and also play with them.

Peruvian Dog names

Highlights of the Peruvian Dog breeds


2- Many people have allergic pictures as a result of hairs and that is why they do not have the possibility of having pets since most of them are hairy.

However if you are allergic and still want to have a pet, do not think twice and have a Peruvian Dog, it will be a great companion for you.

As this breed differs from the rest because it does not have hairs, it will not affect you in any way in your allergy.

3- It is known that the hairs serve the dogs as a kind of layer to cover the cold, but Peruvian dogs as they do not have hairs, use a completely different method to conventional not to die of cold and warm up in low-temperature climates.

And it is very curious since the reason of not cooling down to such climates is that its corporal temperature is approximately three degrees above the one of the human being.

Besides this is advantageous because if you live in areas where the cold predominates, you can use your dog friend as a heat generator, you will no longer need coats, it will suffice to feel warm giving you hugs.

Peruvian Dog for sale

Also, a very curious fact is that this dog can not have fleas, since they are not able to withstand the body heat of this dog, without a doubt another great reason why it is good to have a Peruvian Dog.

The Peruvian dog for sale characteristics has a fine and refined behavior, is of thin texture and light bones


4- The existence of this breed was discovered in the 80’s. A Peruvian Dog skeleton was found in a tomb of many years of antiquity of an Inca leader, the same was found with skeletons of servants and lovers.

From there it was learned that the Incas performed rituals in honor of their gods, and these dogs were a fundamental part of such a cult and were highly respected and admired by that culture, since they thought they were guiding spirits on their journeys to the other world.

5- Generally people who own dogs of this breed usually think that as they have no hairs their skin has created enough resistance, and they are right, their skin is very resistant to various factors, however it is very light sensitive solar.

It is very important that you take care of your skin when leaving on sunny days by putting a little sunscreen on it.

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