Squirrels Food: 5 Important Squirrel Care Basics

Basic Information Squirrels Food

Common Name: Korean Chipmunk or Squirrel

     Scientific name: Eutamias sibiricus

     Body temperature: 38-39 ° C

     Approximate Weight: 72 – 120 grams.

     Lifespan: 8-12 years.

     Sexual maturity: 11 Months.

     Activity: Day.



They should eat at least a quarter of their weight (if you weigh 120 gr should eat 30 grams) of the following foods. Feed squirrels. You must select a quality feed. It should be the staple food but not eat all that.

Squirrels Food source

Fruits and vegetables. They can eat: lettuce, chard, carrots, dandelion, spinach, broccoli, peppers, arugula, tomatoes (not the plant that is toxic), berries, nuts, carrots, grapes, strawberries, apple, banana, pear , watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango and papaya.

One meal per day will and the remains of the previous day are removed so they do not rot. The ration should be adjusted to not keep in their nests and rotting ends there.

Animal protein. You can put them a ball of light feed dog or cat, boiled egg shell or insects. Will be given 3 times a week or daily healthy adult animals if they are sick or young.

Extra intake of calcium. Squirrels food You can give themfresh cheese without salt,  eggshell, yogurt, milk powder or calcium preparations.

Will be given 1 time a week or daily healthy adult animals if they are young or very old. In older animals should be monitored with no problems calculations to give the extra calcium.

Cereals and seeds. Sparingly or as a reward you can give them walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts (peeled), pipes or wheat.

Never Squirrels food eat

Chocolate, prepared foods, marinated salads.


Must have clean water is available to be changed at least every two days. If tap water is not of good quality bottled it should be given. accommodation



We can accommodate a Squirrels food in a cage or in an enclosed paneled fencing enclosure, it is recommended that these are no more than 1cm apart, and if possible that the bars are horizontal and not vertical, then so can climb them .

 The minimum dimensions for a squirrel cage are 1.20 meters high x 60 cm wide x 40 cm deep. If we have more of a squirrel, the cage should be larger.

Squirrels food Cages on the market are usually quite small, we recommend using cages aviaries for exotic birds of small size.

Squirrels Food chain

The Squirrels Food Chain Should be Nutritious to Maintain Good Health


Another option is to build a homemade cage for the fence is better to use galvanized welded mesh and lined with dark plastic joints, if not covered, the squirrel can hurt a leg or you could even cut. It is also advisable that the shovels coating is dark (green or black) it allows a better view inside the cage because metallic reflect light.

Cages have floors that are not recommended, because the important thing is that the squirrel can jump from one side to another and so ejercite.Debemos place the cage in a ventilated but away from drafts, in a sunny site and where there is a lot of noise.

Branches for climbing / crack and shelves rest.

We recommend using branches of fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry, plum. You can also use willow, beech, poplar or eucalipto.No should never be used: pine, cedar, hickory or peach.

Should hold the branches to the cage with clamps to keep it from falling when the squirrel jumps and can do any harm.

The shelves rest should be the same materiale. You should never use treated wood or varnished.


At the bottom of the cage or on a tray should put a substrate where they will go the feces and urine of squirrels though, as they are very clean, probably always will in the same corners. Placing a corner will easier cleaning of the cage, as well the rest does not get dirty with each passing day.

Squirrels Food web

Is recommended. Role or a mixture of hay, peat and bark (the recommended) If the tray has depths of over 10 cm squirrels will be
happier making tunnels and hiding food there.

Squirrels food storage Cages on the market are usually quite small, we recommend using cages aviaries for exotic birds of small size.


Never use pressed sawdust as bedding, cat litter, wood chips or sawdust lost and they can cause many serious health problems. It is recommended to change the tray where it needs at least once a week and clean them once a month. To clean is to use a mild soap.


Feeders that come with the cage are made of plastic. It is advisable to replace them with others who can not overturn, such as small ceramic bowls. Nice to have two, one for feed and one for vegetables. Feeders should be emptied and washed daily.


It is safest to bring them a bottle of water to rodents at least 250 cc. Drinkers should be cleaned at least once a week.


Squirrels are very clean animals, so avoid bathing unless absolutely necessary. For cleaning we use baby wipes. Squirrels are very prone to colds, if you are cold and wet can suffer pneumonia which can be fatal.

In summer you can put them to a bowl with 1cm of water, because if they are hot dip their feet and washed them to cool themselves.

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