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Learn About the Wonderful Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is a rare breed with a courageous and lively personality. It is muscular, has a tapered chest and a strong jaw set in a triangular skull.

These good-natured dogs make delightful companions for their owners and are protective of children, as long as the little ones do not tease them or try their patience.

When considering the price of the Brazilian Terrier, keep in mind that it is an active and alert dog that is a loyal and devoted pet. Like most dogs in the terrier family, he needs a firm but gentle leader to keep him in his place. Otherwise, he may develop behavioural problems.

These dogs are attractive, with long slender legs, fine body structure and chiselled facial features. Their tri-coloured coat is easy to maintain, and they are good watchdogs, so they will alert if strangers or visitors approach the property. It is good practice to praise the Brazilian Fox Terrier for his warning, then make it clear to him that you are in control and that he must stop his barking.

Also, he is easy to train as long as you are consistent in your commands and training schedule. This thoroughly fearless dog has a strong spirit and is an excellent varmint hunter, which is the job he has been trained to do by his owners in rural Brazil.

 Brazilian Terrier mix

They make very good pets in homes where there are children. For the welfare of the Foster breed of dog, children should be taught at an early age how to handle a pet like this lively kind of terrier. The children must be gentle with the dog and, in turn, be a leader. If this does not happen, this cunning canine can take over.

Brazilian Terrier Dog Breed History


The Brazilian Shorthaired Fox Terrier is known as ‘the people’s dog’ in their homeland of Brazil. They are native to that country, only sharing that honour with another dog, the Fila Brasileiro. Brazilian Terriers are rumoured to be kept by the locals in Brazil to alert them to approaching strangers. These dogs have a highly developed hunting instinct. Therefore, they need supervision and care around other smaller pets.

The ancestors of the Brazilian Terrier arrived in Brazil in the 19th century; the most likely dog was the Jack Russell Terrier, which was bred with the Miniature Pinscher and the Chihuahua to achieve the Brazilian Terrier.

Originally, the Brazilian Fox Terrier price was based on a dog for individual work or in large groups of dogs.

While much loved and revered in Brazil, this breed is not well known throughout the world. Brazilian Terriers were registered in 1973, but are still somewhat unknown in many parts of the world.

But, one thing is for sure, they have established a reputation within Brazil for their high intelligence and fearless hunting abilities. Credit must be given to these fearless dogs for vermin control within the country.

Among the Brazilian Terrier characteristics is that it is almost always a tricolour dog, with white, black and tan markings as the norm. Some may include a blue colouration which is acceptable to Fox Terrier breeders in Spain.

Brazilian Terrier beagle

Appearance of the Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is attractive to look at, with its short, smooth coat and bright, alert expression. The body is athletic, with long, lean legs. The legs are small and rounded.

Its strong neck supports the head, which is flat on top, and the easy triangular features form a well defined pointed muzzle. The ears are typically triangular, but are often turned back, forming a folded ear which the animal holds erect, showing its alertness.

The round, bright eyes allow the Brazilian Terrier to be very observant and in sync with his environment. Its tail is long and fine and pointed at the end.

Temperament of the Brazilian Terrier

When describing the temperament of the Brazilian Terrier, the best description is that it is like a Jack Russell Terrier. They love to play or actively participate in a hunt or training.

It is this love of action that makes them so alert and easy to train. This dog is not suitable for flat living, as he is too active and tends to become restless and destructive if not kept busy and well exercised.

These playful Terriers love to dig and bark, but with training they can be taught to overcome any excessive level of this behaviour. Originally used to keep ranches and homes free of vermin, this dog still has a fairly strong hunting instinct and is effective at tracking and dispatching rodents that are foolish enough to enter his territory. Because of this strong tendency to chase, they should not be trusted with smaller animals.

Brazilian Terrier puppy

Maintenance of Brazilian Terriers

The Brazilian Terrier is a pleasure to groom as it has a short coat that only requires a good brushing once a week. When it comes to bathing this dog, it will depend on what the little rascal has been up to.

These terriers are inquisitive little souls, and they may discover some unpleasant smells to roll around in and fill themselves with such odours, so some may need frequent bathing while others may only need one bath a month. Whenever you bathe a dog, remember to use a special dog shampoo as human shampoos are too harsh for an animal’s skin and coat.

You want to clean your dog’s coat, but not strip it of its natural oil. Whenever you are bathing or brushing your Brazilian Terrier, use this time to check your dog’s ears and eyes for signs of ill health or infection. Also, check under the legs because parasites often hide in a dog’s less hairy areas.

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