Collie dogs 101

4 Types of Breeds of Collie Dogs

The Collie dogs breed are good dogs for the family and able to compete in contests. They are dedicated to the whole family, eager to please, train easily and need less care than you think. They are energetic on the outside and quiet on the inside.

This breed of dog comes from Scotland, mostly from the Highland regions, but were also bred in the north of England, used mainly as sheepdogs. They are sensitive and intelligent dogs, known for their unwavering loyalty and their incredible ability to anticipate the needs of the owner. They are a great companion for the family, and to this day is able to continue to graze.

Also thanks to the television series “Lassie” of the fifties, made this breed popular. And while it may have qualities such as jumping from a well, this has reinforced those beliefs of being a dog skillful and intuitive, although it is not entirely uncertain is not that I have those skills at the beginning since they are puppies as it is something that is due to a good and constant training.

Dedicated and gentle, the Collie breed of dogs are wonderful companions. The Collie can prove to be an excellent watchdog, and tends to be complacent and very intelligent. You may notice that your dog has a tendency to be a little stubborn and bark, but these problems can be corrected with training.


Types of Collies


When Collies are mentioned, the first thing you think of is Collies as “Lassie”. But it is not the only type of dog that bears the name of Collie, where they come from in Scotland, all sheepherding dogs were called Collies.

Many of them are used for that work, but some were bred to be companions, sometimes causing them to lose their initial work instincts.

Collie dogs for adoption

Most who are shepherds only differ from each other by appearance. That is why we will mention the types of Collies that stand out the most:

– Rought Collie: The classic “Lassie”, this type of Collie has a long and rough coat. Adult Collies range from 55 to 66 centimetres in height. They are brave, intelligent and loyal. Being the most popular dogs of their breed, used primarily as a pet dog for families or for owners who want an elegant dog.

– Bearded Collie: Bearded Collies, also known as Highland Collies, get their name because of their facial hair. Mature Beardies range from 50 to 56 centimeters in height. Their color may change as they grow. They are generally dark grey, light grey or brown. Collie Bearded breeds have double coat, so they require more constant grooming than other Collies,

– Border Collie: The Border Collie was developed to collect and control sheep in the mountainous native country bordering Scotland and England. They are well known for their gaze that controls their flock. They are energetic dogs, with much endurance and impulse of unlimited work, being excellent sheepdogs. The Border Collie is intelligent with a good training to excel in competitions. They have a size between 43 to 56 centimeters high.

– Shetland Shepherd Dog: While they may look like a small version of a Rought Collie, are different breeds of Collies, this is small and active, with an average size of 33 to 40 centimeters. In his native country in the islands of Shetlanad (Scotland), due to the severe climate, many domestic animals were decreasing in size. Some, such as the Pony Shetland, served to keep hungry birds and sheep out of the barn garden, also served as grazing dogs. Even being companion dogs they are very energetic, requiring constant exercise.


Characteristics and temperament of the Collies


Collies breeds are mostly balanced dogs and good character, so they have remained as one of the best pets and companions for families, are among the most popular breeds in the world.

They are friendly, respectful and loyal who can go so far as to protect their owner if necessary. Because they are not easily irritated they rarely get to bite.

Collies are intelligent, quick to learn, and are always on the lookout for their people.

Some have a greater or lesser degree of physical intensity, the Rought being somewhat moderate, but the Borders and Shepherd are much more intense with physical activity. Most original Collies for grazing require that level of physical stimulation.

This makes Collies good dogs for families, as they all thrive in a home environment and seem to have an affinity with children of any age, enjoying being with them very much.

Although among young children there should always be supervision, as accidents can occur. If they are socialized from an early age with other animals such as dogs or cats, they can get along very well together. But also being careful when joining them with other animals they don’t know.

Most Collies can be adapted to live with people who have relatively safe yards so that they can roam quietly.


Aspects to consider when adopting a Collie


The Collie breed of dogs are an excellent choice for first-time owners, because they are very intelligent and very accommodating, which makes them in capable hands and in a suitable environment will be very easy to train.

However many Collies may require high maintenance in terms of maintenance and preparation, meaning that if you have one you must spend enough time on your pet.

Collie dogs 101

His training should be frequent and always continue to train throughout the life of the dog to fully understand its owner.

While it may seem that this breed is very demanding, is not entirely true, as being very easy to train dogs are only expected to interact as necessary at least a few hours a day with short sections, are not as demanding as other breeds that require much for their training.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to them, because being an intelligent race learns very fast and this makes that they can learn bad habits quickly.

This breed is very sensitive by nature, so severe corrections are not appropriate. In itself, whether you want to have a Collie dog as a companion or for the family they are more than an excellent choice.


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