diseases of the Dog of San Hubert

7 Great Tips for Buying a Dog of San Hubert

The Dog of San Hubert, which is also called as Chien de Saint-Hubert or Bloodhound, is of Spanish origin. The ancestors of this dog breed were created in France when it was still in medieval times in order to chase wild boar and deer.



At present, these dogs stand out for being quite active and for having a great intelligence, also their nose so well developed has led to be used to perform various tasks such as finding and rescue people.

They are very loved dogs by people because their personality is very adorable and also have a very peculiar aspect.

 feeding Dog of San Hubert

They are quite calm, strong, willful and determined dogs. They like to socialize with people, they have a lot of patience and kindness.

They are characterized by their great sensitivity to the bond they create with their owner since they will always practice fidelity and affection towards him, although this only happens when the dog receives the proper care and affection.

In certain circumstances, it usually shows a little shyness, however it is quite sweet. The only negative is that he can become vengeful with other canines.

The smell of these dogs is incredible, but as far as playing the role of watchdog is not given at all well and who are too affectionate with people.

Sometimes the Dog of San Hubert can be a bit noisy because it barks too much when it gets excited.

They are perfect for homes where there are children as these dogs love children, in fact it is one of the best dog breeds that can be had in homes with children.

Regarding his behavior with other dogs, usually there is no problem and remains very sociable, even remains so with cats.

care for a dog of San Hubert

Tips for buying a Dog of San Hubert

When you go to buy a new dog friend, this is a Dog of San Hubert, it is important to ensure certain aspects that are crucial for this, for this it is recommended that you follow the following tips:

1) Try that in the place where you will buy it they will be able to clarify all your doubts, that demonstrate that they have knowledge about it and about the care of dogs in general and that they also commit to follow up after you have acquired the dog.

2) The best thing is that you go to places that have a good reputation or that are recommended by recognized people in this area.

3) Make sure you get all the relevant papers and that the dog is completely legal, even if they give you much better pedigree, and do not believe in those false rumors that pedigree procedures are very expensive since it is not for nothing true.

4) That they guarantee you about the health of the puppy and give you all the necessary information about it, such as any health disorder, physical or hereditary. Ideally, you should not have any type of disease and also be given papers on the follow-up with the veterinarian, vaccines, deworming, etc.

diseases of the Dog of San Hubert

The Dog of San Hubert stands out for being very active and for having a great intelligence

5) Inquire to determine if they are open to show you the site in general and that they do not hide anything, even that they allow you to observe all the puppies they have.

6) The age of the puppy at the time of purchase is extremely important, since you must bear in mind that he needs a minimum of two months being with his mother to feed and develop properly, then they will be ready to place them for sale .

Never accept being sold a Dog of San Hubert that has less than the aforementioned time.

7) Think about the care and time it will take to have a dog of this breed, since especially the Dog of San Hubert needs some special care such as: brushing them weekly, bathing them approximately every 6 or 8 weeks, pay attention to the length of your nails to cut them, make clean the folds of your skin, and keep it physically active very often therefore it is suggested that they take out for a walk every day.

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The Dog of San Hubert needs some special care such as brushing weekly



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