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10 Best Rules to Keep a Dog Happy and with Good Dog Training.

¿You want to learn more about dog training?  Since the world is the world and the dog, the human species reaches fullness in the measure that is humanized by education and the canine species finds joy of living and harmony with its master thanks to the affection and the dog training.

The essence of dog training is to teach the dog to adopt certain behaviors and to inhibit others.

It is important to achieve a balance between the needs of the animal and the needs of the master so that there is mutual happiness, excesses would bring inconsideration, cruelty or abuse by any of the parties, undesirable situation, it is useful to remember that prevention is better than changing behavior Desired.

Therefore the needs of dog training must take into consideration the biological nature of your pet, the ease or difficulty of learning depends on whether the expected action responds to their nature and instinct or very good rewards, for example it is easy to call a dynamic copy To play ball in the yard but it is difficult to avoid biting a shoe that seems to be delicious.

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The variation of race in race, implies programs of learning according to its forces, energies, instincts, necessary living space, temperament, character

Rule 1: A good canine training begins when the pet arrives home with the routines of feeding, unloading and creating habit of exercises depending on race and age, from 30 to 60 minutes for adult dogs and from 10 to 20 minutes 2 Daily times for puppies.

Bring water, candy and toys. You must focus, maintain security, steadiness and serenity in what you are doing. Under all circumstances keep your dog in a playful environment, prevent it from being disturbed, frightened or out of control.

Rule 2: It is wrong but easy for the tenderness that inspires the small pet, let it do what it wants, but the main rule to have a well educated adult dog is that you allow your puppy only what you want to see in it when Is greater.

Rule 3: With affection, your dog must know at all times that you are the leader, but you must never attack him, you can say NO to him, raise the tone of voice (do not shout). The dogs will offer obedience from the affection and good treatment not from fear.

Rule 4: Every time your pet does something appropriate during the canine training routine, you have to reward it, have enough rewards and be rich to your palate, so you do not lose the enthusiasm and attention when you want to give it bone, leave it to the end Of training because he will be entertaining biting him maybe he wants to keep it there and he will not want to train anymore.

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Good rules ensure good dog training guide, good living and joy for your dog.


Rule 5: Before giving an order to your dog give him to sniff the prizes so that it is stimulated and activated with the training.

Rule 6: Repetition also applies to every trick learned, taking care of the excess.

During dog training make sure you facilitate learning by keeping the gestures and sounds to facilitate familiarization with them. Congratulate him and show him your joy when it comes to maximum achievement, so you know he was excellent.

Rule 7: part of the canine training which must begin from a puppy, which is when they learn more easily, contains the main orders: going to the call is one of the first learning, necessary and important for both the protection of the pet and the child Since both are by nature and age, impulsive and playful, to avoid dangers and even undesirable risks of escape, loss and even accident.

 The command “COME” must be pronounced clearly and repeatedly so that the can associate it with the act of coming, accompanied by gestures indicative of the expected behavior, not to call it only by name to come. Immediately the can is given his reward, effusive verbal congratulations, caresses and a little play.

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The “Quiet” command extending the palm of the hand is another dog training trick so that the dog can calm down at the right times, in a game environment, with the corresponding reward when executing the order, including congratulations and affection.

The essence of dog training crate is to teach the dog to adopt certain behaviors and to inhibit others.

“Sitting” is another basic order of canine training, the tone of voice here as quiet should be energetic and safe, used to the nervousness or uncontrolled dog. Also includes.

“Here”: with the collar in the laid position and in a relaxed state, walk away and with a toy or thread in hand point the place and repeat “Here”, congratulations and award when you arrive at the indicated site.

Basic orders contribute to coexistence by preventing future problems.

Canine training for the ride on a leash is a moment of pleasure and zero stress says: choose a collar of the dog’s size. Teach and accustom the puppy to wearing a necklace at home. Train him from the first time to walk parallel to the leader, do not hurt him by pulling on the collar, take it calmly and safely, stop and order him to stay still and resume the march, repeat this procedure calmly and safely, will ensure relaxing walks.

Rule 8: You should never over-saturate it, the tricks are taught once a week and from time to time you remember the old ones.

Rule 9: Super rule: Love. The attitude is to consider space with your dog as the time to share and have fun together, feeling with everything you do for your pet in correspondence, affection, loyalty and willingness to test That she gives you.

Rule 10: Reinforcement Plus:

  • With affection, the orders must be clear, the same with the same body language to obtain an action.
  • The whole family must give orders in the same way.

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