8 Techniques For Care of Agaporni Love Bird Food

It is a Love Bird of the family psittacine (parrots). It is commonly known as “Love Bird” or “Inseparable”. In the wild, these little parrots live in warm climates such as sub-Saharan Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar.

Different species are classified as if they have a white eye ring (personata, fischeri, nigrigenis, lilianae) or not present (canus, pullarius, Taranta, swinderdiana, roseicollis).

Their size ranges from 13 to 16cm. Are long-lived, they can live up to 15 years.

For those who want to raise parrots, the love birds are the most recommended (along with nymphs) to begin this learning. For good domestication, it is advisable to buy about 15-20 days old.

How do I start care? What does it eat? Where will you live?

We will nest either shoe box with sawdust or cotton, or a small fish tank also.

During its first two months of life feeds based special meal for them. It is a powder you mix with water to obtain a textured custard concoction.

All at room temperature. To facilitate your decision, we can give it in a syringe. Every shot you can eat around 3-4ml, until you feel that your crop is full.

Love Bird for sale

The first shots will be 5 a day. When you have about 25 days of life, we will 4; around 35 days to 3. When you keep having one month old, we can begin to show mixture of granite, put him in his cage, so that you can become familiar.

Gradually we see that in the footage does not eat much, be a good sign if you see that your lack of appetite because eating alone because her nuggets and granites.

Your cage should have a large amplitude, in my case: 40 x 25 x 40.

Two months from time to time we can give you some shots, but is now practically independent.

In the following months (up to six) are in adolescence, some rebels, they are learning how strong bite, learn to what extent are they damaging your peck, fly across the room.

Never forget that hygiene require both his cage as he. We can bathe him with a small trickle of tap falling into our hands, it will come and bathe alone.

My love bird is male or female?

We will never be 100% sure to see their behavior in adulthood (1year). We can sense it before touching the pelvis, if it shows a large cavity is female, if narrow, male. With the behavior is better. Is female if your state does zeal “airplane” and pens with sawdust or newspaper pieces is filled. Is male if rubbed with cushions, clothing, and may even regurgitate food to “conquer”.

What if I go on vacation and cares for me a family member or friend, will die of grief?

You may experience sadness because he is not with his master. What should a person in your care is to place its cage in a room where people and note that you are not alone. Very rare is it dies.

TOXIC: (can reach final death) avocado, cocoa, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea, parsley and potato raw. – The ever round cage should not spend the day locked in the cage that his is only when we are not or when we sleep. And because they are so entangled careful and intelligent – At puberty Love Bird gets the character issues will tempt so to be more aware and not get angry (or yell or hit) with not enough … it’s very important not to let the bird commanded, must be taught the boss are you including not letting him climb on our head, if shoulder. Love Bird images

The Love Bird Food Needs Agaporni Care and Maintenance.

– Bathe is advisable only with water and then dry them well, we will see how pretty the feathers get bathtime.

– The only way to know the sex is drying.

– If you care what other Love Bird get stressed and I miss him, get angry a little but then if they do them much attention when you come back … like all parrots.

The roseicollis are the most playful and sociable, personata for example do not play much or are so loving.

In conclusion:

These little love birds are generally very sociable and very grateful. With plenty of free time and dedication can get to talk. As a song, do not have a very defined ridge captive chirp as they hear their owner, a mere imitation of their speech or their whistles.

Love Bird Food

For those who want to raise parrots, the love birds images are the most recommended to begin this learning

As pet personally highly recommend it, as long as they keep in mind all the care you need.

– Do not use sawdust they get into the lungs, better to use paper strips WHITE because they peck around and do not want to ingest ink (paper white kitchen, the kitchen is ideal), his is the carton of shoes and switch you when we see this very dirty or wet.

– The food we give you is to psittacine powder (the best is Versele-laga), as the texture is better to make it more liquid we being too thick because the chicken is not able to digest and ferment within him. And it has to be hot, you miss a bit on the wrist did not burn and go.

I think you give them a few shots, the first look every 3 hours and have a full crop and within 3 hours it has digested everything. When the month is left raw millet in the box and have half months (minimum) with me and mush and then you put the mixture and millet.

It is important that the mixture is of love birds and pipes must withdraw the mixture because they often bring many and are not good because it gives them a lot of fat.

Must accompany the food with fruit and vegetables to get them used.


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