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Easily Learn All About the Breeds of Maltese Bichon Dogs

The Maltese Bichon is a well known mixed breed dog, a deliberate cross between two closely related breeds of small white companion animals, the Maltese Terrier and the Bichon Frise.

Both breeds are affectionate, lively and playful, with the Maltese a softer and more peaceful touch and the Bichon Frise a little more cheerful and extroverted.

The mixture of the two is generally sociable and pleasant with people of all ages and with other animals, but care must be taken to ensure that no injuries occur in this canine, in some way is delicate during interactions.

The Bichon is adaptable due to its lower exercise requirements and performs well in an apartment setting or in a larger home.

Maltese Bichon breeds are cute, spongy and loving; they will make your heart melt. This is a very popular design dog breed, and with good reason.

These beautiful dogs were developed by crossing the Maltese and the Bichon Frise, two very beloved Toy breeds.

At first glance, these two small white-haired dogs look very much alike, but each of the breeds brings something unique to the mix.

It’s not often that puppies inherit only the best traits from their parents, but the Maltese is the closest thing to being the best of both worlds that a dog designer can get.

Maltese Bichon for sale

Of course, while its charming appearance plays a role in its popularity, it’s not the only reason why the Bichon is a highly sought-after breed.


Perfectly adaptable to life in an apartment, these small dogs get along with everyone and fit any family. Children, other pets, seniors or singles, the Maltese Bichon will fit easily.

The diet of the Maltese Bichon

Creating a nutritious and well-balanced diet for the Bichon breeds is the first thing you should do. Fortunately, the wide selection of commercial pet foods makes it easy for owners to find out what’s best for their pet.

Due to the small size of the Maltese and its moderate activity levels, this mixed breed canine would work well with a high quality dry food for small dogs.

Due to its white coat and genetic composition, the Bichon can be prone to allergies, especially those caused by food.

If you notice that your pet scratches more than normal or shows other signs of allergic reaction, you’d better switch to hypoallergenic dog food.

You can also opt for a raw or home-cooked diet for dogs that eat croquettes, but only after consulting a veterinarian to ensure that this meal plan meets all of your pet’s nutritional needs.

Training the Maltese Bichon breed of dog

The Maltese is very intelligent and thrives when it is the center of attention. A winning combination when it comes to learning tricks.

Nor are they particularly stubborn or willful, so it is logical to think that this design dog eager to please will be quite easy to master, even if you haven’t had any previous experience with dog training.

As with all dogs, the Maltese responds best to positive reinforcement training.

Motivated by sweets and praise, these clowns and people-loving dogs can easily be taught.

Early socialization and training are important for Bichon puppies, as this will ensure that they do not have any behavioural problems in the future.

Maltese Bichon frise

Unlike all Toy breeds, this hybrid is also prone to separation anxiety if not corrected in time.

Temperament and personality of the Maltese Bichon

You might think that a small, white, fluffy dog is what makes the Maltese Bichon so popular with pet owners.

Of course, their adorable appearance is one of the traits that makes them attractive to future pet owners, but it’s their temperament that steals hearts.

Bichon Maltese breeds are friendly, loving, intelligent and fun. People who had the opportunity to spend time with these designer dogs were delighted from the beginning, without exception.

It’s not often that Toy breeds are so docile and sweet in nature, but the Maltese challenges the stereotype.

If they socialize early, these mixed-breed dogs get along well with the kids and have a lot of patience for them; in fact, they appreciate spending time with the kids.

In addition, because of their father Bichon Frise, the Maltese Bichon can often be a canine clown. These dogs love to be the center of attention and will bring joy to any home with their silly behavior and their silly mischiefs.

Exercise requirements of the Maltese Bichon breed

Although it cannot be said that Bichon Maltese dog breeds are a completely lazy sofa potato, these dogs are not very active either.

These hairballs have low to moderate exercise requirements, and won’t need to walk or play for hours to burn energy.

Maltese Bichon puppies

For a Maltese dog, about 30 minutes of daily activity will keep them exercised and happy. Ideally, it would be a few walks or a visit to a dog park, where this nice companion dog can hang out with his four-legged friends.

However, while the small bodies of these designer dogs may not need much exercise, the same cannot be said of their bright minds.

The Maltese Bichon is an intelligent, curious dog and will become destructive and depressed if his mind is not challenged. They will immensely enjoy playing time with their owner or discover dog toys.

If you are looking for a family canine companion that suits you well in an apartment, your great choice is the Maltese Bichon.

These cute little dogs love everyone they know, including children. And because these designer dogs don’t need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy, they make great pets for older people.


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