6 Practical And Fast Recommendations To Know What The Best Care Poodle Tea cup

Something not known toy poodle tea cup, the roots of the breed dates back to 700 AD Dogs as beautiful Barbet, also the Russian Ovcharka Pastor and very Old German Pudel are those who believe, appear as the main founders of the breed. In Germany these poodles are distinguished by their thick fur, usually lacing and black and white.

Since the Middle Ages, both the Barbet as their descendants, proved to be very efficient in hunting, as his taste for the water was excellent for the collection of waterfowl. In the seventeenth century in France, only to start breeding company, due to their affectionate nature and his incredible intelligence.

Caniches different sizes, progressively smaller developed. France was responsible for its popularity, people knew him as French Poodle, because they associated with France, but the dog is not native to this country.

The Poodle Tea Cup Toy and Mini toy poodles very popular as are the type that were probably developed through crosses with breeds like Spaniel, Terrier and the Maltese.

The Toy Poodle Tea Cup Mini is the smaller version of the poodle, also called “poodle”. Like its bigger cousin, this dog possesses a blend of strength, vitality and elegance because of its origins and history, making it one of the most coveted high places animals.

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The Mini Toy Poodle is an excellent swimmer and also enjoys running. He’s athletic, but where is feels better in the cities. It’s fast, lightweight, … The word that best describes him and the biggest poodle, will always be “smart”.

It is also a very intelligent dog. Did you know that you are in second place in the average intelligence, from over a hundred different races?

This dog is really very attached to his family, he is very devoted and quite affectionate. It is excellent and very good for large families, and perfect, great for kids of course yes always educate you properly, we give the right incentives and let him live with us as long as possible.

Not a single animal that may be a long time: fall into depression and may even die of longing.

Of course, not everything is perfect with the poodle! Keep in mind this is a barking dog, especially when alone, very anxious, and do not accept at all the models of aggressive education.

You can not scream, because no hear, no talk of going to higher … It’s also quite destructive to the objects of the house, so it’s good to give many chew toys and teach.So you will save your furniture!

The Mini Toy poodle, Poodle Tea Cup also thanks to its small size is perfect for small spaces like apartments or flats young children. That does not mean you need to leave, but it is true that his activity level is very low compared to their larger cousins.

The Poodle Tea Cup is one of the breeds managed because it is the only one with 4 different, recognized and unrecognized 2 sizes also exist in 5 different colors. That is why we must be careful to purchase one because there are many who take advantage of ignorance, trust and confidence of customers, selling a size other.

The MICROTOY is one of the sizes that are not yet recognized by the FCI as a race, it’s a very small dog that should be less than 20 cms. must come from a small genealogy related. Are classified as “EXCLUSIVE” as they are hard to find as well as being difficult to reproduce because of their small size.

Not born like flowers in spring, in bulk, just one can be born in a litter (every 6 months) and sometimes fail to survive the critical stage, so it is THEY ARE FEW AND HIGHER VALUE.

Its handling and reproduction requires patience, experience and a lot of care. Avoid them dwarfism syndrome, common thing in indiscriminate cross without the knowledge required.

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The Care for a Mini Poodle Tea Cup chile For Son Son Low Very Healthy Dogs



– Get a puppy Poodle Tea Cup “Specializing in breeding rookery Playing microtoy” are few because of the difficulty involved, plus we have the players to look at.

– Observe the puppy (a) is well maintained and looks healthy.

– Important is that you see the puppy’s parents (a), because some who claim to be breeding only buy and sell, so you do not have the knowledge of the evolution vs  Variation in weight and size.

– Observe that has a harmonious structure.

– Do not have secretions.

– Have at least one vaccine + 10 days when you buy it.


References to acquire away

– Requesting photos (MISCELLANEOUS) of the puppies and their parents, who note that they are current and real, that were not downloaded from internet or stolen from other sites.

– If you do not send unsolicited photos buy.

– To ensure completely let him gently with a little common reference, a rare bottle beside a strange article or any special pose.

– A puppy (a) 2 months is a long hair about 3-4 cms.

– A puppy (a) 4 months is a long hair about 5-7 cms.

– You can tell when the hair has been cut and looks like a puppy (a) under age.

Poodle Tea cup puppy

The Toy Poodle Tea Cup adulto Mini is the smaller version of the poodle, also called “poodle”. Like its bigger cousin, this dog possesses a blend of strength




-Patellar subluxation






-Progressive Retinal Atrophy

-Lock lacrimal duct

-Granulomatous sebaceous adenitis

-Retained testicles

-Mal occlusion of the mouth

-Accumulation of tartar

-Lack of teeth

-Sensitivity to rabies vaccine.

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