Terrier dogs breeds

Terrier Dogs: Learn All About This Breed

Terrier dogs breeds are characterized by always being busy digging somewhere or mercilessly chasing smaller animals.

They are very brave and active dogs. They are to be always in action and have a great enthusiasm with the people around them.

This breed grants the name “Terrier” because it shares a common origin, because over the years, have developed various physical characteristics, which may be even strange to consider that they are related, along with many common traits such as temperament.

Their name comes from Latin, which in Spanish means land. This name was also given because this race was bred to hunt small animals that mostly hide under the ground.

Most of these breeds have one characteristic in common and that is that it is made up of dogs with a small or medium height, and a restless and determined character.

Many of these breeds originate in the British Isles, although this does not mean that they cannot be found in other parts of the planet.

The reason why there are so many different Terrier dogs is that before there were vast terrains and different conditions in Britain. And the first breeders of these breeds had to develop several dogs so that they could adapt to the conditions of their lands.

Terrier dogs for adoption

They are incredible dogs as family pets, although they are not pets to coexist with other smaller pets such as hamsters for example, as they will get their hunting instinct against them.

Bull terrier

Bull Terriers are playful dogs that are very loyal to their owners. One of their traits is that they need a lot of attention from their owners or else they will get bored and can become destructive in order to get past the boredom.

They tend to bark a lot, although children enjoy their endless fun and mischief.

The Bull Terrier was originally developed in the nineteenth century as a fighting dog, although eventually became a companion dog, is a dog recognized for its long egg-shaped head.

The Bull Terrier dogs emerged approximately in 1835, and it is believed that it was later crossed with a Bulldog along with the now extinct English Terrier.

After obtaining the result of these, the Bull Terrier was later crossed again with a possible Spanish dog to increase its size. Resulting in the Bull Terrier that is known today.

Fox terrier

Fox Terriers are one of the most curious, intense and impulsive dogs of all breeds. Incessantly active and playful, prone to mischief. With a size of 36 to 39 centimeters in height.

Fox terriers were bred to remove foxes from their hiding places during fox hunts. Today, however, they are seen more as family dogs.

At the end of the eighteenth decade in England fox hunting became very popular, and as hunters needed support to track them and have one, they decided to raise these dogs, so they could enter the territory of the foxes and take them out, facilitating their hunting.

Although it is not known exactly the dogs that were used to develop this race, it is believed that were the black and roasted Terriers, along with the Greyhounds and Beagles.

Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a naturally happy dog, known for its intelligence, mischief, and affection for people.

His name is due to their place of origin, were bred to hunt and exterminate rodents and snakes. Today, however, they are often seen as guard and companion dogs.

They are the smallest if we consider them among other working terrier breeds, being a size of 23 to 28 centimeters.

Terrier dogs breeds

But despite their size have the temperament of several large dogs, encapsulated in this compact Terrier. This is very evident as they tend to be tenacious, audacious, independent and cheerful.

It is believed that this dog descends from a dog known as the Terrier Rough Cloated. A related breed of Scottish dogs, some believe that this dog was crossed with other British Terriers who were brought to Australia, such as the Yorkshire.

Resulting in this Australian dog with its brave and tenacious character.

Jack Russell terrier

Jack Ruseell Terriers are considered “born to dig”. They are super smart, and super destructive if not well trained. They are tender, intelligent and independent.

With a varied size between 25 to 38 centimeters high.

It is one of the most complicated dogs to handle this race. That is why this dog is not for all people, as they are dogs developed for active work need owners capable of leading an active lifestyle, otherwise it will be very difficult to manage this race.

This is because they were developed in the eighteenth century to hunt foxes, its name comes from an old breeder called Parson John Russell, who was proposed to design an efficient hunting dog to exercise the work of hunting foxes.

Border terrier

The Border Terrier is a small dog, powerful and bold, who also loves to hunt and dig. In a dog of great intelligence and loyalty. This dog, which measures a maximum of 36 to 41 cm, has a short and dense coat.

The Border Terriers originated around the border between Scotland and England. These small terriers were bred and trained in such a way that they were agile and fast to help chase the foxes.

Although today they are no longer used for that purpose, these Terriers still retain the urge to hunt and dig.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is small and is considered the famous toy dog, but has the temperament of a pure terrier.

They are bold and intelligent, love to play, and are brave enough to face larger dogs. They have a beautiful coat that is difficult to maintain. They have an approximate height of 15 to 17 centimeters high.

The bold personality of these Yorkshires comes directly from their ancestors Terriers, which includes the extinct Clydesdale Terrier and the Black Terrier.

Terrier dogs for sale

Scottish workers who migrated to the south of England during difficult economic times at the time of the industrial revolution took these dogs to several cities like New York and Manchester, in which they crossed with local dogs giving yes small dogs but very resistant.

Manchester terrier dogs

Manchester Terrier dogs are elegant, short-coated, black dogs with mahogany. They have a compact and muscular body.

The personality of the Manchester is more sensitive than other Terriers. It is a very obedient and receptive dog, although several still have the tendency to dig.

Originally from Manchester, England, were bred for sports such as hunting rabbits and rats, the Manchester Terrier today still retains its hunting instinct.

This breed comes in two variants which are the standard and toy, and the main difference between the two is their size and type of ears.

Although their appearance is similar to a miniature Doberman Pinscher, they are a different race from this as they have no shared genetic trait.

It is one of Terriers older dogs, because there are books that prove their existence in the early sixteenth century. It is believed that they were crossed with a Whippet and a Black Terrier to get the Machester Terrier.


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