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Relevant Aspects of the Breeds of Dogs Bodeguero Andaluz

Bodeguero Andaluz breeds of dogs are small in size and are always tricoloured (a solid white body with a black and brown head) and have a short, soft coat.

They are often compared to the Spanish Jack Russel Terrier.

These are bold and brave dogs that have a strong prey instinct and were originally bred to keep vermin out of the cellars of Andalusian wine merchants.

Some things in life are universal, such as the presence of rats and mice where food is found.

What does this have to do with dogs? Well, those rats and mice need to be controlled and a good Andalusian winemaker is a choice that farmers usually make for these cases.

But these dogs did not appear out of nowhere. When a dog showed courage or ability to attack vermin, they were used for reproduction and passed those hunting genes on to the next generation. The Bodeguero Andaluz is one of those dogs.

Character and temperament of Bodeguero Ratonero

Given their heritage, it is not surprising that the breeds of Bodeguero Andaluz dogs are, first and foremost, hunting dogs.

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At present, this has implications for the potential owner who has other furry family members, such as cats.

This strong prey impulse means that the Bodeguero ratonero cannot distinguish between parasites and a rabbit or a cat.

The result could be disastrous for other pets in the family. Therefore, the convenience of introducing a dog of this breed into a house with several pets should be carefully considered.

On the positive side, their terrier inclinations are enhanced by a devotion to children. These little ones really love children and will follow them as a shadow.

Of course, children and dogs should always be supervised when they are together (more often for the sake of the dog than the child).

This is also an extremely active breed. Never underestimate how much exercise and mental stimulation these dogs need.

If their needs are not met, a bored Andalusian winemaker may develop bad habits, such as barking, digging or destructive behaviour.

He is a good watchdog and is sweet to people. He is also a very agile and fast dog. It is important that you ensure that you are the leader of the pack consistently so that you avoid problems with the Andalusian winemaker’s behaviour.

If you don’t have as strong a mentality as they do, the dog will think it is the alpha.

Training of the Andalusian Bodeguero

The only word that best describes the attitude of the Bodeguero Andaluz dog breeds towards life is ‘confident’.

They are dogs blessed with the belief that their decisions are correct. This can make it a challenge to train them for a less experienced owner.

However, a combination of good socialisation as a puppy and reward based training do much to create a receptive pet.

Bodeguero Andaluz mini

In fact, in the right hands and with the right guidance, this breed is ideal for family or active people.

When trained to behave well, they become a charming member of the family.

But be prepared for training to continue throughout the dog’s life. If limits relax or expectations fade, this is a breed that will quickly seize the opportunity to be the alpha.

The health of the breed Bodeguero Andaluz

There are few statistics related to health problems specifically linked to the Bodeguero Andaluz dog breeds.

However, given their heritage, it is not unreasonable to assume certain problems in common with Fox Terriers and Jack Russells.

* Legge Perthe Disease: This is an orthopedic condition affecting young dogs in active growth. Symptoms are severe limping of the hind limbs and pain in the hip.

This is because the head of the thigh bone (femoral head) dies due to an insufficient blood supply. Unfortunately, once the condition develops, there is no cure.

* Trembling kneecaps: This is a condition in which the kneecap can rotate out of place and cause the knee to lock in the wrong position.

This is especially common in small dog breeds and is due to anatomical problems such as bowed legs, a shallow knee joint and too much laxity in the joint capsule.

For mild cases, this is only an inconvenience and occasional pain relief is all that is required; but more severe cases can be in constant pain, for these dogs corrective surgery is the answer.

* Wounds and skin infections: The character of the Andalusian winemaker is such that he will actively seek problems in the form of rats or mice.

This can result in some unpleasant scratches and wounds. Immediate medical attention to any puncture wound is essential to prevent infection or even the formation of an abscess.

Activity Levels and Exercise of the Bodeguero Andaluz Dog

Like most small terriers, Bodeguero Andaluz dog breeds can be defined as energy in four legs.

Bodeguero Andaluz cachorro

They are prepared to be on the move all day and are happier when they have a job to do.

In the absence of rats or mice to hunt, this means that their owner has to provide adequate training.

Therefore, the Andalusian Bodeguero will need a lot of outdoor exercise, preferably away from where they live, and mental stimulation in the form of games and training.

Unfortunately, if these needs are not met, the dog will use its energy for nefarious purposes. This includes bad behavior, such as barking, chewing or digging.

Bathroom of the Andalusian Winemaker

Her short coat is easy to care for and does not require travel to a canine hair salon. On the other hand, a weekly brushing will be more than enough to keep things in order with the Bodeguero Andaluz dog breeds, as this spreads the natural oils over the coat, and this conditions the coat and helps waterproofing.

The Bodeguero Andaluz gives off little hair, however, those hairs are white, which means that they have the custom of appearing on furniture, so regular brushing is even more recommended.



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