5 Rules For Care And Caution With Dachshund Dogs

Other names: Dachie, Dachshund Appearance. The Dachshund Dogs is well known for having a long body, short legs and broad chest. They have a long muzzle, dark eyes, sharp ears and long ears. It comes in two sizes: Standard having 9 to 10 inches and miniature 4-5 inches tall. Both sizes come in three varieties according to their coat: smooth coat, long coat and hard coat.


The coat can be any color except white. 6 different breeds of Dachshund are known: standard and miniature smooth coat, long coat standard and miniature, standard and miniature hard coat.

Weight: Standard 16 to 32 pounds, 12 pounds Thumbnail

Average life time: 12 to 16 years.


 All Dogs Sausages are cheerful, loving, proud, very bold, quite willing and mostly very clowns. The long-haired variety is calmer and more docile than the other two types. As a pet would be more suitable for a family with older children.

Dachshund Dogs for sale

They are very loyal and they quickly become attached to their owners making them very loving pets. Surprisingly for its size are good watchdogs.

These little Dachshund dogs like to bark and are compulsive diggers, if socialized with other animals from an early age they might get along, otherwise they can become quite jealous.

Training: All varieties are difficult to train for being stubborn. Owners should be patient and consistent in training. Early socialization with strangers and other animals is highly recommended.

Toilet: For each type of sausage Dachshund dogs grooming and care are different. The smooth coat requires minimal care with a weekly  brushing to remove dead hairs is enough.

The long hair should be brushed regularly to remove tangles that form in his fur. The hair should hard may need professional grooming.

All types should have their teeth cleaned and nails trimmed regularly.

They need daily walks to stay healthy and happy.

God bless you.

They should not be overfed as this breed tends to gain weight quickly.

Problems in the spine are common in this breed of dog because of their long bodies. Care must be taken to ensure that no jump of cars, furniture, etc.. Just a few of the symptoms of back problems include: Lack of appetite, stomach pain, hesitation or inability to do something that could physically do before retirement activity, squeaks or unexplained crying and weakness.

Dachshund Dogs for adoption

The Dachshund Dogs for adoption are Extraordinary Pets.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Problems arise when part or all of the disk are displaced from their normal position and protrudes into the spinal canal. The bulge in the spinal canal can cause inflammation of the spinal cord compression.

Degenerative disc bulge may occur slowly over a long period of time or may be rapid. It can be a result of trauma or may not be apparent cause.

Problems with teeth and gums. Owners must keep their teeth clean dog, because dental problems can cause many other health problems such as kidney failure, heart problems, eye infections and nasal cavity.

Good dental care also helps reduce unpleasant breath. An annual dental cleaning by a veterinarian and regular brushing is highly recommended.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a group of diseases that involve the whole gradual deterioration of the retina. It is diagnosed by retinoscopy examination by an electroretinogram (ERG).

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Early in the disease, dogs are affected by night blindness and lack the ability to see in low light and later on daytime vision also fails.

The Dachshund Dogs 101 for sale is well known for having a long body, short legs and broad chest

As their vision deteriorates, they can adapt to their disability very well, as long as your surroundings and environment is maintained or can be kept constant. Only some breeds are partially offset by a quite early age, while on the contrary in other breeds, PRA develops much later belatedly.

Hypoglycemia:  Medical term for hypoglycemia is associated with a sudden decrease in the level of blood sugar condition. This commonly affects small breeds of Dachshund dogs at an early age, usually not seen in puppies over twelve weeks old.

It is most commonly caused by uneven growth of the puppy’s internal organs, especially the pancreas which is associated with insulin production. Symptoms indicating that the sugar level has dropped too dog is also shown with: weakness, confusion, drooling, pale gums, seizures. These attacks can be fatal. The prevention of these attacks is controlled through diet. Always ask a vet for documented.

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