Blind Dog: How to know the causes and what to do to care for it

My Blind Dog are mammals that are affected by various diseases and pathologies throughout his life. One of the most common is the loss of vision can become blind at different times in the life of these animals.


Blindness in Dogs


When dogs are puppies blindness occurs as a result of falls or malformations in their corneas. As your pet’s life progresses, blindness usually develops gradually, so that the animal loses sight until he was blind.


 My Blind Dog  Similarly, they can also be recorded cases of dogs that these lost the sight of the eyes suddenly. This is due to the emergence of certain non-vision or sudden changes in the metabolism of dog diseases.


Animal Vulnerability


Blindness is a problem that Blind Dog halocan affect any dog regardless of the breed of the animal or the type of life you lead. This disease also occurs suddenly as both progressive throughout his life, so the key is to know your pet and finding promptly if the animal is losing sight, so that it receives the necessary care about . For this it is necessary to observe their behavior and the structure of their eyes.


Behavior of your dog


One of the main keys to know if my Blind Dog  to analyze their behavior. Thus, it is important that you take notice of if you often often bump into household objects that have not moved, if at short distances is not able to recognize people you know, if you have poor night vision or if you lose sight of your toys or the plate of food and water.

Likewise, also outside the home, you need to perform this procedure observation. So keep in mind if your dog shakes his head in all directions when you call, if you stroll too cautiously or you have difficulty in finding the objects while playing out with him.


Changes in your eyes

Blindness in animals can also be detected in a very simple way: by observing changes in the structure of their eyes. So if your corneas affected these feature a different effect on the animal’s eye.

Blind Dog eyes

If my Blind Dog  sudden  you can be checked with a simple eye exam


The same occurs when your pet is affected by other diseases that can damage your vision. In these cases, it is important to observe if your eyes water frequently to help you track confirm that your dog is losing vision.

Food intolerances are common among puppies. “The cases of vomiting and diarrhea in young dogs because of food allergies, especially to gluten are common,” said Escalera.

When the puppy is recovering from gastroenteritis, but a week to fall back on a recurring basis, it is the warning that after vomiting and diarrhea, there may be a problem of intolerance to certain foods.

Gastroenteritis in dogs causes

The reasons why a dog may get gastroenteritis are diverse. Therefore, it is one of the diseases most frequently serves in veterinary practices.

Some of the most common causes are:

Infections caused by diseases such as parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis and distemper, which cause digestive problems in dogs.

The dog vaccination schedule includes immunization against these diseases and is the best way to prevent the dog the contract and, therefore, suffer gastroenteritis.

CAN poisoning with various substances, such as poison and indigestible food for the dog or harmful to their health, such as onions, chocolate or some plants, such as rhododendron.

Intestinal worms cause digestive problems in guide dogs, which carry the typical symptoms of gastroenteritis, including vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, the internal parasite of the dog is essential to prevent such problems.

Blind Dog fulton

My dog is blindness symptoms are mammals that are affected by various diseases and pathologies throughout his life


Dog food allergies such as gluten intolerance, which contain cereals such as barley, rye or oats, is another cause that can trigger the symptoms of gastroenteritis can.

Cold can become the trigger of gastroenteritis due to lower defenses. The vet Angel Sole explains the cause: “When temperatures are very low for the Blind Dog , its body supplies blood to areas of the vital body, like the brain, but the stomach is devoid of it, so it affects the quality the digestive process. ” This can trigger gastroenteritis.

The ingestion of objects that obstruct the bowel can cause vomiting, in order to expel the foreign body as spontaneous defense mechanism.



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