5 Easy and Simple Ways to Learn to Care for Hamster as Pets

Care for hamsters pets are certain habits and routines that they like to keep. In fact, watching these animals, their behavior and activities, is a major entertainment reporting having a hamster as a pet.

Their average lifespan is around 2-3 years. They are nocturnal animals, so they usually sleep during the day and are active at nightfall.

From 8-10 weeks of age, the female is ripe for reproduction, since that time, will come into heat every four days.

Gestation lasts about 15-16 days and the young should not be touched at least in its first week of life, during pregnancy, should avoid disturbing the female and feeding it varied.

When the time of birth approaches, must be isolated from the rest of the female hamster.

Regarding the power of these small animals there are special preparations for them.

Usually it is dry food in the form of tablets or cakes, which give the Care for hamster many minerals and vitamins needed for good development.

These animals have the habit of storing food and then eat it during the day at different times, so we feed them only once a day trying to be always at the same hour.

Care for Hamster as Pets

A great feature of these extraordinary animals is that their teeth do not stop, do not stop never grow, so it is necessary to provide adequate to gnaw wood and prevent them from growing too.

As we feed him dry food. Fresh foods break down easily and also wets the floor of the Care for hamster.

As a treat, we can give our hamster sunflower seeds or fruits and fresh vegetables always washed and clean, avoiding acidic fruits like citrus.

There are also preparations containing seeds and honey much like the Care for hamster.

These treats can be given twice a week.

Hamsters are sometimes the first pets for teens. The hamster is a good “first” because they are pet friendly, small, and best of all, they are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

With more and more proper attention and care, hamsters can easily live up to five years
or more.

– Searching for the right to buy hamster. An ideal hamster is between 4 and 7 weeks of age; Care for hamster are easier to tame when young. There are two types of hamster: the golden hamster and dwarf hamster Siberia.

Both are fairly common, the golden hamster is available in some variety of colors as well as variations of skins, while the smallest dwarf hamster comes in a few colors or limited.

However, the great radical difference between the two is that dwarf hamsters are not easy to tame, while the golden hamster may become docile and reliable pets.

– When you bring home your Care for hamster cage placed in a location away from drafts and direct sunlight. Choose a place in the house where your hamster will visit often.

– Covers the floor of the cage with a 2-inch layer of shavings. Chips shredded pine woods are the most mentioned and the best, because they are very absorbent and not at all toxic.

 Care for Hamster videos

With These Tips You’ll Learn How to Care for Hamster Guide


– Keep a water bottle attached to the cage at an accessible height for the hamster, but not touching the wood chips. If the chip gets wet it can rot and cause your hamster sick. Washed and refilled daily.

– Provides plenty of chew toys. The Hamster love the cardboard tubes found inside rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.

– Make a box for your Care for hamster to sleep inside. Cut a 2-inch door in a small cardboard box closed. Place the box in a corner of the cage. The hamster box filled with chips and pieces chewed by the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and used the box as a bedroom. Can not or should not dejarase to urinate in the box, so it can be used safely for many months before it needs replacing.

– Feed your hamster with a mixture of commercially prepared hamster food once or twice a day. Provides a small amount of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. When introducing new foods, give small at first so that your system can get used to them portions.

Care for Hamster basic

– Allow your hamster exercise, putting an exercise wheel in their cage. Let you exercise outside their cage within a specially designed plastic ball, available at pet stores. Lock the doors of your bedroom, take it out of its cage, and let the ball run hamster.

Care for hamsters dwarf pets are certain habits and routines that they like to keep


– Wash your hamster cage at least once a week. Remove the hamster to a safe place and clean with water and a little cage disinfectant. Clean any dry residue inside and add clean chips before returning the hamster.

– Remove any uneaten fruit and vegetables two days later. Fresh foods that develop mold can make your hamster sick.

– Do not bathe your hamster. The Care for hamster are cleaned. If you think your hamster smells bad, the smell is probably from dirty chips. Clean the hamster cage more often.

– Try to always take your Care for hamster with you or looking to find someone to take care of it if you go on vacation for more than three days.

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