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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Harness to Control of Your Dog

Having control of your dog on your walk is essential for a happy dog ​​and also for a happy owner and the type of equipment can help you walk better with your dog.

The harness control of your dog is a great tool because of the comfort they offer the dog and the ease with which most dogs adapt to them.

There are hundreds of these harnesses available, many of which vary in style, materials and function, with a wide variety to choose from, the important thing in all of this is how to find or choose the most suitable system for your dog?

There are basic types of dog harness and uses given to make them the best for each breed, such as reducing traction or providing safety to small dogs.

In the back clip harness, the ring on the strap is located on the top of the dog’s back.

The back clip dog harness is the most enjoyable type of walking aid for many dogs to adapt.

Control of Your Dog barking

Harnesses are especially functional and quite useful for small dogs with delicate throats that are easily damaged by collars.

When using the dog’s back clip harness these are trained calmly not to pull the leash, since the design does much to dissuade it from pulling.

When harnesses the rear clip harness is used with an untrained dog that likes to pull, they create a sleigh pulling action, with the owner dragged in place of the sled.

Among the Pros are easy to put on and comfortable for the dog to carry, the strap does not get tangled under the front paws with how often collars or harnesses with a front clip protect the fragile neck area.

The rear clip control of your dog harness are widely available with decorative patterns and embellishments.

Among the cons of the back clip harness this offers little control, it is not convenient if a dog has behavior problems, such as pulling the leash, jumping up or showing aggression

How to Control Your Dog

The harness to control of your dog barking is a great tool due to the comfort offered by the dog and the ease with which most dogs adapt to them.


The front clip harness control of your dog has the strap attachment in the center of the dog’s chest. Coaches often choose clip-on front harnesses to decrease the dog’s pull on the leash.

The chest buckle gives control over the direction the owner of the animal is in motion and allows the dog to be redirected face to face with the owner if necessary.

Among the Pros this gives you more control when pulling the leash, jumping up or other directions providing directional power, allowing the dog to turn around when needed.

Control Your Dog Behavior by Becoming

Among the cons of the front clip dog harness are that although they provide more control than most traditional collars or back clip harnesses, dogs with serious behavioral problems, such as aggression, may need a walking tool that offers An additional control, such as a head harness.

The harness to control of your dog type clip is the most enjoyable type of aids for many dogs’ ambulation to adapt


The strap on the front of the chest can become entangled in the front legs of the dog if given too much clearance, the robust dog harness with front clip has been popular among trainers for years.

There are variations of harnesses that will tighten and add pressure if the dog pulls, this slight hardening can be uncomfortable for the pet, which makes it slow or stop traction and walking with a loose strap, tightening harnesses can be beneficial To prevent you from pulling your most determined pet.


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