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Dog Collars: Protection, Comfort and Elegance for your Pet

With respect to dog collars regardless of whether or not you support the criterion that the dog is man’s best friend, because everyone praises his pet and between pets there are variety of criteria for all tastes, what if it is undeniable is that joy, company fun.

Loyalty and even special help (fire dogs, dogs for the blind and others) that generate children, adults and adults makes them deserving of widespread affection, consequently when collars dog are treated, the main thing is learning to use, comfort , Security and protection that you will provide to your faithful dog friend.

As soon as we decide to take charge of a dog, the need arises to locate its space, provide veterinary care, vaccines, food, hydration and utensils necessary for the care, growth and healthy development of it.

Arriving home and feeding in a period of time will require the respective discharge, begins its educational process by learning to do their needs away from home, is the time in which the collars for dogs evidence their usefulness and how to use it properly.

Dog Collars amazon

According to veterinary experts and professional trainers among others qualified in the subject, the main types of collars for dogs respond to the criteria of conditioning and positive reinforcement through prizes, being shown that in this way they learn faster and seek welfare, while with negative conditioning Causes suffering to can and slows down learning.

The particular type of collar required will depend on the type of dog you take care of. Then, knowing the variety of pet supply stores, you will choose the one that best suits your pet and you.

In the case of collars for dogs associated with positive reinforcements we find: the standard type collar, perfect for puppies, come in nylon and leather, although these are more beautiful nylon resist more moisture, wash more easily and cover only The neck which will be less uncomfortable (than to put a harness directly) since you should get used to using it.

There are necklaces with closing clasps, metal buckle and hard plastic being the easiest to grind and manipulate.

As for thickness, the width is better for puppies. The standard collar type is also recommended for trained dogs, with the exception of those who pull, because they could injure the trachea.

Dog Collars UK

Dog collars uk tags provide comfort, hygiene, safety and elegance to your pet.

Among the types of collars for dogs, is the so-called harness is the most common, apart from not involving any harm to the animal, is made self-adjustable, wide-band for comfort of can, leather or nylon, large Variety for particular functions, such as: antithrous harnesses in this group we find the Easy Walk, the sensitive, these hook the belt around the chest area to control the direction of the march and the Merhi-long takes the belt in the area of ​​the cross.

Thought and made to walk together master and can next, without running, jumping or pulling the leash. They prevent coughing or suffocation and are recommended for adult dogs that are still tugging or for teenage pets in full training.

In the category of walking harnesses the common is the EzyDog Quick Fit, adjustable, easy and quick placement, with medium thickness tapes cover front legs, chest, plastic closure and lightly padded.

Dog Collars with names

And in the diversity of work harnesses there is one for every need, which deserves the specialized advice, be it for guide dogs, anti-drug dogs, fire dogs, canicross dogs and others.

From dog collars, the head type holds the neck, under the skull, and the muzzle, the belt grabs below the muzzle to handle the animal’s direction. Frequently designed on nylon, they look like muzzles.

The main types of dog collars  amazon and leads respond to the criteria of conditioning and positive reinforcement through prizes


This collar is placed as the standard, leaving a finger away between this and the neck of the dog, not put in the house because it could be mistreated, used only to leave.

The head collar is not very comfortable for the dog in fact they refuse to walk or they get head down, beware, its improper use could cause damage to the spine, this is not recommended and less for small breeds.

Finally, among the collars for dogs related to negative conditioning is the so-called semi-hangers, are made of metal and nylon that are less harmful than the first, fit the neck when the dog pulls the belt as a negative stimulus.

Are supposed to be made to avoid tugging but not to damage the neck of the can is recommended for such reason to fit the collar to the exact diameter of the neck, if it is adjusted larger than the collar remains as a standard type collar, but if the adjustment is Greater than the diameter of the neck, would surely cause damage to the dog, which would be contrary to the ethics and laws on the treatment of animals.

It is recommended only for professional trainers for the practice called agility under supervision and only for medium and medium strength races.

The collar for dogs of the hangman type is not recommended in any case, just as it can be said of the barbed collar because both the one and the other cause more damage than training the dog friend, fall into the cruel category of cruelty To animals, in fact important to know that dog collars will never be used even to punish inappropriate behavior.

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