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Learn About Dogo Dog Breeds

The Dogo dog breeds, sometimes called the Argentine Mastiff or Dogo Argentino, is a powerful, athletic and loyal breed that is both a fierce hunter and a gentle protector of its human family.

They have a high prey drive, a strong will and, at times, a distrust of strangers and other animals, all of which require an experienced dog owner to handle the breed.

Dogo Argentino puppies need plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation along with training, or they can become bored and destructive. Dogo are often used to assist in big game hunting, although they are also trained for police work, search and rescue, military work and as service dogs.

The large, muscular Dogo Argentino was bred for strength and big game hunting, especially for bringing down wild boar. Despite its capacity for aggression when it comes to hunting, the Dogo Argentino generally has a happy disposition, and is fiercely loyal to its human family.

The strength of this breed requires a firm and active handler who is able to keep large dogs in line, and who needs strict boundaries. A high, strong yard fence is a must, or else the Dogo Argentino’s prey drive may lead them to chase small animals or roam.

Socialisation with other humans and pets is also key to keeping the Dogo Argentino’s natural caution with strangers and other animals in check.


Dogo dog Argentino Personality and Temperament


The Dogo dog breeds are incredibly powerful with an incredibly powerful dual personality. He is a loving guardian of his family, including children, and a fierce hunter capable of taking on a wild boar. He is gentle and fierce, but should never be aggressive without good reason.

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With family members, the Dogo has a strong desire to be near or touch them. He kindly welcomes guests and enjoys participating in family activities, but will spring into action in the event of any threat.

Although devoted to his human family, the Dogo has an extremely strong prey drive. It should be kept separate from cats and small dogs, unless raised with them, and even then, supervision is a good idea.

The Dogo can be strong and independent, so it needs an owner who is confident and able to exercise authority as a leader. It is also an athletic and vigorous dog and can be rambunctious, especially when young. Daily exercise is important to keep him physically and mentally stimulated.

Start training your puppy the day you bring him home, if possible enrolling him in the puppy kindergarten class when he is 10 to 12 weeks old. However, be aware that many puppy training classes require certain vaccinations, and many veterinarians recommend limited exposure to other dogs and public places until puppy vaccinations have been completed.


The health of the Dogo dog Argentino


Dogo dog breeds are predisposed to some health problems. One of the main problems is deafness, with approximately 10% of dogs of the breed being deaf in one or both ears.

This is called pigment related deafness and is found in other mainly white coloured dogs, including Dalmatians, white Boxers and white Bull Terriers.

The breed can develop other conditions such as hypothyroidism, glaucoma and laryngeal paralysis. The Dogo Argentino may also suffer from hip dysplasia, which is common among large breeds.

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Care of Dogo Argentinos


It is important to provide Dogo breeds of dog with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, as they can become bored, anxious and destructive if their needs are not met.

As with dogs of any breed, they should be kept up to date with regular veterinary checks, keep their teeth clean and groom them as necessary. They should have their ears checked weekly and their nails trimmed monthly. Ask your vet about your dog’s individual needs and be sure to keep up with home care.


Dogo Argentino coat colour and grooming


The Dogo Argentino has a short, completely white coat, although there is sometimes a black spot on the head. Although the coat is short and fairly easy to maintain, the size of the Dogo Argentino makes the grooming process a little more difficult. These dogs should be brushed weekly and bathed every three months or sooner if they get dirty.

They will shed a good amount of hair, but the length of their coat makes this a little less noticeable than long haired breeds. Still, you would do well to keep a lint roller handy.


The Dogo dog Argentino with children and other pets


Dogo Argentinos are very loyal to their families, including children, as long as they are introduced and accustomed to their presence. However, visiting children can present a bit more of a challenge, as this breed does not naturally get along well with strangers.

Dogo dog training

Children should always be supervised when around dogs, even when they are family members, and should be trained on how to interact with the animals to avoid incidents.

Socialising the Dogo Argentino early and training it to interact with new people and animals will help, and the earlier you start training, the better. Dogo Argentinos have a high prey drive, which can cause problems when dealing with small pets, including cats and other dogs.

They can learn to interact with these animals if properly trained and socialised, but this breed is best suited to a home that has no other pets or only other large dogs.

Therefore, you should be aware of the fact that if you have small pets, then the Dogo Argentino may not be the best choice for you.


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