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English Dogs: Learn Important Details of These Breeds

England is home to some of the most popular breeds of english dogs, among them we can find breeds such as the Border Collie and Bulldog, which are some of the most beloved breeds throughout history from the English lands.

You can find hundreds of breeds of dogs that are known worldwide, mentioning clearly that there are mestizo dogs with mixed inheritance which makes it difficult to determine exactly the provenance of each race.

Whether it’s out of sheer curiosity to know which dogs originate in England, to adopt one of these to be your companion or to accompany you on each of your adventures, there will definitely always be an English dog breed right for you.

It is clear that all dogs are worthy of our affection, and this time we will meet the dogs that become more English than the English people themselves.

Border Collie

According to specialists, the Border Collie is considered the most intelligent breed of dog not only among English dogs, but among all dogs.

They were originally bred as grazing animals for their active personality, athletic ability and obedience.

Although from time to time they are used for this work, due to his long lineage as a shepherd has given reasons to develop their skills and mental capacity.

His appearance is black with white sections, his coat can also become short or long. Although they are considered as English dogs, are originally from the border territory with Scotland, so it would not be entirely clear whether they come from English or Scottish land since the beginning of their race.

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They are not aggressive dogs and are very good pets for the family. They are dogs intended for active owners who like to interact every day with their dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yokshire Terrier, also called Yorkier, seems quite proud of itself and for one reason, has a long, silky coat; they are definitely the representation of glamour among dogs, attracting attention wherever they go.

Given their stature they can be seen traveling between the wallets of their owners.

They were raised in the north of England by working class people.

They could be found in mills and plants in the north of England.

Small in size but big in personality, it is a firm but affectionate companion; it can also be found in toy size.

It stands out for its devotion to its owners, its elegant appearance and its ability to live in apartments.

English Bulldog

They are some of the most popular dogs, are famous for being considered as ideal dogs for those people who are tough and tenacious.

The English bulldog is a robust dog and compact in appearance but his personality is friendly, quiet and courageous.

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It weighs about 18 to 20 kg, is generally silent and is not very demanding with the exercise, although it is no excuse not to take them for a walk and play in the park from time to time.

They are generally an independent breed, they are extremely intelligent and can be a little stubborn, so they must be trained firmly.

English Setter

Known as the “knights of the dog world”, the English Setter is a breed of dog agile, skillful and intelligent.

These traits are characteristic of dog breeds that are useful as hunting dogs, although they are now adopted more as family pets.  They have an elegant-looking coat of black and white.

They are soft dogs with a real disposition, but they can be distracted and mischievous. They are breeds that require a lot of exercise, so owners who live in cities should take them out to walk constantly.

Although they have a pleasant and peaceful temperament, they can become noisy when they play.  Some even tend to drool if they’re watching you eat.

English Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a dog of very distinctive appearance and imposing, are dogs with a heart that love no one but his family, although in most cases they are white, can be found in various colors.

They are dogs of courageous nature, fun and full of energy.

Bull Terriers also boast of being stubborn, so they can be difficult to handle.

They are dogs that need to socialize with others and have adequate training from the beginning, so it is not recommended for inexperienced hands.

If you interact enough with this breed, they can be very loving, loyal and great with children since they are also playful dogs.

They are characterized by their unique head shape, inclined, rounded, giving them an egg-like appearance.

Greyhound English

The English Greyhound is known for its athletic ability, elegant appearance and speed. Its head is elongated and narrow, with dark eyes and long ears that may fall a little.

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They are very loyal and bond very well with their owners, but they are also an independent breed that needs a lot of space of its own.

They were bred to be hunting dogs in order to chase foxes, hares and deer. And they can reach speeds of 64 to 72 kilometers per hour, so they are called racing dogs, in addition to being able to participate in other disciplines.

Beyond their abilities, many love this breed for its majestic appearance, with a friendly attitude towards people, loyal and loving with their family.

They are not aggressive with strangers, but they are aware if they come across one by a slight bark or a lifting of the ears.

Cocker spaniel english

A very old English dog breed, the English Cocker Spaniel is medium sized with long ears and a happy attitude.

They are robust and compact dogs that come in various colors as is the case of white with black.

It was used as a hunting dog, leading the prey to hunters. Its name comes from its use in hunting Woodcock in England, although it has been used to hunt other types of birds.

They are intelligent and alert by their nature as hunting dogs. They are loyal, which is why much is seen today as a great companion.

But as every dog needs to socialize properly so that it can get along well, otherwise it can become aggressive in the worst case.


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