4 Recommendations for Your Cat to Easily Expel Hairballs

The cat is one of the cleanest and involved with personal hygiene animals. You can spend up to a third of their time preening. However, there is a downside to this behavior, the dreaded hairball.

When our cat preens, engulfing much hair, especially in spring and autumn are moulting.

The cluster produces hair hairballs, these circulate and accumulate in your digestive system and can end up being a very serious health problem if they can not be expelled.

Whether a cat has hairballs

Hairballs are elongated and are the result of the mixture of hair, saliva, gastric juices and, if our cat just eat leftover food.

There are several symptoms that can alert us that our cat has hairballs in your gut. These symptoms are:

Frequently Arcades



Vomiting and liquid food (hairless)

Signs of being tired, apathetic, depressed and even disinterest in food.

How My Cat Can Easily Expel Hairballs

The small bones that have cats in the language allow them to remove all the hair that falls out. And as they are unable to spit inevitably they swallow.

Usually cats expel the hairball through vomit or stool without causing any problem.

However, intake of an abundance of hair causes affecting their digestion and, even more, when it is unable to expel him because it gets stuck.

At this point it is essential help in their removal home remedies. If so we did not manage to expel hairballs, you need to go to the vet urgently.

Expel hairballs

If we appreciate our cat regurgitates, it is listless and without expelling vomits hairballs we need help. Then we indicate some of the best home remedies that will help your cat expel hairballs.

Vaseline or butter

We can spread your leg with Vaseline or butter and our cat, with his instinct for cleaning the lick and get it out this way will you eat this remedy.

Butter is laxative, and very greasy, so we must control the amount. Alternatively, if we do not have Vaseline or butter oil is liquid paraffin.


As with Vaseline, we can put on the leg or malt in the nose, to leverage your groomer instinct. The malt is derived from barley and promotes intestinal transit of our cat.

  Expel Hairballs Remedy

Hairballs Remedy are elongated and are the result of the mixture of hair, saliva, gastric juices


This paste specifies dark, it is advisable to administer a couple of times a week. However, by varying depending on the coat of your cat and take your lifestyle, it is best to be the veterinarian who show us the right proportion.

Fiber and sweets

Increasing fiber in food in the form of bran or vegetables will help your cat to expel hairballs getting a good digestion. You can also find snacks rich in fiber in specialty stores.

Grass to purge

Cats take grass to purge, this is natural, an animal instinct. Taking advantage of it, valerian is an ideal plant for help. There are also specialty stores that sell herb for cats (they are plants with a derivative of barley, to ingest, help you regurgitate hairballs). If we are at home or herb valerian for cats, called catnip or catnip, our kitten will not hesitate to take them to get relief.

Better safe than sorry

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Following these guidelines will achieve avoid hairballs your cat.

Easily Expel Hairballs

Usually cats expel the hairballs through vomit or stool without causing any problem.


Brushing. We must brush it regularly and every day in moulting. We recommend using the brush against the grain first to remove dead locks and then the other way.

Not because our cat has short hair combed so we should not all cats shed their hair and their intake may be excessive.

Anyway, long-haired cats need more of our help, like the elderly and groom not so effectively for lack of energy.

Clean house and no cat fleas. The cleanliness of our home is also important.

If your cat eats pieces of string or wire from the ground, you can scroll through hairballs and worse.

If your cat has fleas, he will lick more and they will try to get rid of pests, therefore, treat our cat flea ends up becoming a possible reduction of hairballs.



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 There are several symptoms that can alert us that our cat has hairballs in your gut



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