Medium Dogs breeds

7 Best Breeds of Medium Dogs

Not so big, not too small: these dogs are the definition of an average happiness and that’s why they are in the most popular dog lists. Medium dogs breeds have playful and friendly personalities, they are excellent additions for families.

Some are calmer by nature, like the Bulldog or the Whippet; others are more energetic like the Shetland Shepherd Dog. No matter what, they are kind and obedient, and they love to be liked by people.

If you’re looking for a dog that’s not too big but not too small, then here’s the information you need to make your choice.

You’ll find a complete list of dog breeds, and chances are you’ll find the dog that suits you best.

It’s extremely important that you know a little about their history, characteristics, temperament, common health conditions and many other interesting facts to help them choose the perfect medium sized dog for you and your family.

Families choose to adopt medium breeds for many reasons. At the top of the list of why medium-sized dog breeds are a great choice is that there is a great selection of puppies, as they are defined by their weight, height and length, not just by their size.

Medium dogs weigh between 9 kilograms and 27 kilograms. Their height ranges from 20 centimeters to 70 centimeters.

Medium Dogs for sale

Medium sized, with all the charms of a dog of any size, this category of dogs can be of a small medium breed range such as a Dachshund, Corgi and a French Bulldog; a group of medium sized dogs such as a Beagle, Border Collie or Bull Terrier; or medium to large breed category such as a Samoyedo or Chino Sar-Pei.


How to correctly choose a medium breed dog?


While weight and size are important factors in choosing an adoptable pet, there are a few more considerations to explore before taking your new best friend home.

Below are some factors to consider when adopting medium breeds.


– Size: Medium dogs range in size from a standard Dachshund to a Dalmatian. To determine which medium dog is best for you, consider whether you could lift and carry your pet if necessary.

Another consideration for size is whether there are small children in the home. Matching the size of your medium or adult dog puppy to the smallest member of your family could mean fewer cases of children or puppies injured or hit during play.

– Temperament: A dog’s attitude can also be a deciding factor in its adoption. Are you interested in a puppy that is loving, alert, friendly, gentle, cheerful, playful, protective, docile or perhaps quiet? Medium dogs, like their size range, have such a wide range of attitudes.

The best way to measure temperament is to spend time with a dog and evaluate how it will naturally integrate into your family’s different energy levels and personalities.

– Energy: A dog’s energy is closely related to its activity level. It’s important to assess how much time you can devote to exercising your new best friend and how often you can ensure that your medium-sized dog’s energy levels are satisfied.

A good way to choose a dog that suits your activity is to match it to the lowest energy level in your pack, which would include humans as well as any other dog in your family.

– Grooming: All dogs need a little maintenance, and there are medium sized dogs that may need more or less depending on a few things.

When it comes to fur and nail care, remember that longer fur may need regular grooming, including washing and/or brushing.

Other medium dogs require little or no fur maintenance, except for one nail trim every few weeks.


Medium dog breeds


1) Sausage Dog: These short-legged puppies were originally the happiest when they went hunting, so keep in mind that your next best friend may come up with some serious gardening skills. Their average weight is 14 kilograms.

His personality is loyal, energetic and affectionate. Medium breeds, such as sausage, will alert you quickly and enjoy inviting older children to play with them.

2) French Bulldog: Formerly pets for lace works in England, the French Bulldogs had the important job of helping to rid the workrooms of rats, later becoming fashionable pets for artists, writers, painters and the bohemian class of Paris.

The average weight is 12 kilograms or less. The personality of the French Bulldogs is based on the fact that they are playful, entertaining and well-behaved, seduce all family members to feel loved and will also prosper with the energetic personalities of the children in the house.

3) Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Born without a tail, unlike Cardigan Welsh Corgi, these dogs helped herd cattle, sheep and Welsh ponies for the greats of South Wales before becoming a familiar element in English royal palaces.

Its average weight is 12-14 kilograms. They are dogs with a friendly, intelligent, very energetic personality; they offer everything they do 100% from competing in agility and training to being a therapy dog or just having fun outdoors on a walk.

4) Beagle: Like a hound, nothing makes a Beagle more excited than a trail worth following, allowing this puppy to show off his fine-tuned tracker.

The average weight of these medium breeds of dogs is 9-15 kilograms. They have a naturally happy personality, are outgoing and loving.

The Beagle fits comfortably into any active lifestyle where you can exercise your love of following all kinds of aromas, howls and food.

5) Shetland Shepherd Dog: If you need only one obedient family member, Sheltie’s historically bred shepherd dog for the farm should be your first choice.

Quick to learn, this breed could not only herd cattle and ponies, but also chickens. The average weight is 10-14 kilograms.

Medium Dogs breeds

Their personality is friendly, athletic and affectionate. The Sheltie lives to please, so teaching new tricks, games or agility courses will bring out the best in them.

6) Basset Hound: The good thing is that the stocky legs and the big torso of the Basset keep this dog slow and low on the ground, allowing those long, flexible ears to absorb the smell that is probably getting into his nose.

The average weight of the Basset Hound is 18 kilograms. If there is one face that no one can resist, it is that of the Basset Hound.

This breed has perfected the eyes of dogs that turn it into a companion animal for parents to secretly share their leftovers and children not so secretly do the same.

7) Dalmatian: Races of medium sized dogs bred to withstand long distances, guiding and protecting horse-drawn carriages, Dalmatians have a resistance similar to that of a marathon.

The average weight of a Dalmatian is 22 kilograms. The person is athletic, loving and focused on the family, your Dalmatian has two priorities: long distance running and being involved in the family as any human member.


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