6 Easy Tips for Learning to Care for a Newborn Cat

Breeding newborn cat can be an exciting and rewarding experience when everything goes well. Proper care of the mother cat and her newborn puppies require a lot of time to make sure your experience is nice raise.

Recalling some important steps you can take care of the kittens and mother with very few problems.

Well to anyone you may have ever come across one or more newborn cat that have been separated from their mother and unaware of the care required.

In this post I will provide some tips for the care of newborn cat.

Ideally, it is basic and essential warmth and food.


Newborn cat still have body fat so your body does not generate heat, it is extremely important to provide a heat source, this can be a hot bag, but has a bag so it is advisable to put hot water in a bottle plastic above the heat source should be placed rags or scraps of cloth in a box of 15 cm. height.

Learn How To Care For a Newborn Cat food


Caring for a Newborn Cat Needs Lots of Love and Patience


The food / kitty / s is very important for the future of themselves and it will determine their development and survival. Ideally, give the infant formula sold in veterinary, if you do not have that kind of milk, there is a homemade recipe that is very similar to breast milk, and is exactly as described:

1 egg yolk


200cc COW’S MILK


1 tablespoon HONEY


1 tablespoon heavy cream

As you give milk? For cats can receive milk would need a special
bottle as this care.

If you do not have that kind of bottle can be used a regular one, it all depends on how the kitten will accept.

Newborn Cat cataracts

Learn to Care for a Newborn Cat Allergy Requires Great Delicacy 


If this kitten less developed and can not suck, you can use syringes without needles and introduce the milk drips not having much patience to drown the animal.


Frequency: from birth to 15 days: every 2 to 3 hours from 15 days every 4 hours

Hygiene: Finally is paramount animal hygiene after each meal must stimulate the animal urination / defecation, how, you have to soak a cotton ball in warm water and rub the anal / genital region and giving a circular motion? in the abdominal region.

Newborn Cat for sale


Prepare a place to live and his mother cats. Choose a box that is large enough to fit all the cat family, but small enough to feel protected. Place it in a quiet and warm place where cats have little to worry about being attacked by other people or other animals. Fill the box with towels, clean sheets or blankets.

Well to anyone you may have ever come across one or more newborn cat costume that have been separated from their mother and unaware of the care required


Make sure they are clean before putting them in the box, and additional places for when you have to wash them. This should do it regularly, as the place where they sleep kittens and their mother can get dirty soon.

Put everything you need about the cat box. Do not move away out of sight of her kittens when you need to eat, drink or use the “bathroom”, so make sure your litter box, his food dish and water container nearby.

While nursing their offspring, be sure to feed a good quality food. She will lose weight or get sick if you do not give additional nutrients while breastfeeding, and is also good for your body have extra nutrients to pass them to the children as they develop.

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