What Are The 5 Most Common Diseases Of Parrots For Sale UK

Diseases  We know well our pet parrots for sale , so when you notice you are sick because their behavior will change. We notice certain symptoms of illness:
– Ano dirty droppings, the animal may have diarrhea.
– The droppings are very soft or very hard.
– The animal sleeps too.
– The animal breathes with difficulty and with open beak.
– The animal eats very little
– The animal thins much
– Has swollen stomach
– Spits

The first thing to do if you believe that our animal is sick is separate from other animals that we have to prevent the disease from spreading.


We’ll put in a cage just to control it better. And depending on your state, we must provide a supplement heat. Then take it to the vet. The most common diseases are:

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Psittacosis or chlamydia: This disease can be transmitted to humans. The symptoms are many: diarrhea, conjunctivitis, nervousness, anorexia, animal breathing is difficult, etc.. Tetracyclines treatment between 35 and 45 days is given.

Megabacteriosis: The animal eats normally but gradually loses weight even die. The food is not digested. Treatment is administered for 10 days of amphotericin.

Smallpox: It is transmitted by the bite of insects. The animal has conjunctivitis, and respiratory symptoms. Treatment: antibiotic.

Papillomatosis: affects (mostly) at the end toothpick chickens before weaning. The crop does not empty, diarrhea, fatigue, anorexia, etc.. There is no treatment, although a vaccine that prevents disease.


PBFD (beak and feather disease) is a virus that causes various changes in plumage, which make it appear “messy”. The beak and feathers grow deformemente and are very fragile. There is no treatment.

Pacheco: Virus that damages the liver. The bird has yellow diarrhea and stomach. There is no treatment.


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Salmonellosis: The bird has diarrhea, anorexia, arthritis, etc.. Antibiotic treatment is chosen from an antibiogram.
To prevent our birds incubate infectious diseases, we must quarantine with each new issue, do not buy animals captured, analyzes our parrots, keep our birds in optimal hygienic conditions, avoid contact with unknown animals, etc..
Diseases due to malnutrition

The animal has spoiled plumage, obesity, diarrhea, anorexia, lack of musculature, etc.

The veterinarian, introduced in the diet of our parrot, those which lacks nutrients through a personalized diet.

Auto start feathers

The parrot feathers start preventing these continually grow back.

It has different causes:
– Nutritional Deficit
– Diseases
– External Parasites
– Effects on the skin
– Sexual Frustration (if you can not pair)
– Skin irritation by environmental factors (smoke)
– Psychological factors (boredom, jealousy, etc.).
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We know well our pet parrots for sale scotland, so when you notice you are sick because their behavior will change

It can be fixed with collars, spray with a bad taste or tranquilizers. In addition to providing toys parrot to be distracted, leaving the radio or TV on when the parrot is alone, pay more attention, etc..

NO must:
Put another animal with Parrot for sale to be distracted.
– Yelling when the feathers start, as this parrot gets what he wants, attention.

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