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5 Characteristics of Pug Dogs Breeds

Pug dogs are a small but muscular breed, they come in three colors: silver or apricot with a black facial mask, or all black.

The head is large and round, the eyes large and sparkling and the forehead wrinkled, all this gives the Pug a variety of expressions similar to human (surprise, happiness, curiosity) that have enchanted the owners for centuries.

The owners of Pugs say that this breed is the ideal dog for every home. Pugs are happy in the city or in the countryside, with children or elderly, as a single pet or sharing with other pets.

They enjoy eating a lot and you have to be careful to keep them in shape.

They live better in moderate climates, neither too hot nor too cold, but, with proper care, Pugs can be totally adorable anywhere.

If you’re looking for a new hairy addition for your family, a Pug may be right for you. Pugs have very different physical traits that can make you take them with you as soon as you look at them at home, but before you take a Pug home, it’s important to consider its personality and temperament.

Pugs can be well known for their wrinkled faces, plump legs and compact frame. But the personality and temperament characteristic of the Pug is vital to understand before choosing one to take home.

Characteristics of Pug dogs


Pug breeds are small in stature and are part of the Toy breed.

  Pug dogs for adoption

Their average weight is 6 kg to 8 kg and they measure approximately 25 cm to 35 cm. Despite their small stature, Pugs are full of personality.

They are best known for their short snout, curly tail, large head and prominent eyes. Unlike many dog breeds, Pugs were not bred to perform a task. They are not hunters, guard dogs or retrievers; instead they are companion dogs.

Pug owners often refer to them as their ‘shadow’ because of the way Pugs constantly follow them.

As for the temperament of the Pug, what comes to mind for many is its stubbornness. They may have a stubborn streak, but although they can be very stubborn, they are not aggressive and are eager to please. They can be trained with dedication, patience and the use of sweets as motivation.

Pugs are a suitable dog for families with children because of their small stature and love for attention. They crave the attention of their owner and live to please.

Because of these qualities, Pugs thrive in homes where they receive abundant amounts of love and attention in very little time. Pugs are often a simple dog that prioritizes pleasing their owners over everything else.

The behaviour of Pug dogs breeds


Pugs are a breed of quiet dog that enjoys spending its days napping.

Their low energy level means that it is easy to keep a Pug in good physical health with just a walk or a quick play time.

Pug behavior is often considered silly because they are usually quite lazy until they get a quick burst of energy, which is then followed by a nap.

Because they are motivated by food, Pugs often develop the foul-smelling behavior of begging for food.

However, with a little training and dedication, this habit can be trained at a distance.

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Pugs are typically a breed of vocal dog, which includes barking, growling, snorting or other noises. This can be seen as an undesirable quality depending on the owner and their lifestyle.

Some of these noises are due to the physical structure of a Pug’s snout. Because Pug snouts are very short, wheezing often occurs after excessive exercise.

These vocal qualities are not desired, training can also be used to correct these behaviors.

Personality traits of Pug dogs


Pugs are intelligent and playful, but also extremely affectionate. Because they are intelligent, they can be malicious, especially when left alone for long periods of time.

Pug breeds are a friendly breed, which makes them behave well with other pets and small children.

Pugs love to be a part of their owner’s life, which would include sleeping in his bed and lying on his legs.

There are many qualities that comprise the unique composition of a Pug personality, but the main one of them is their love for sleep.

Pugs are wonderful family dogs, who love their family environment unconditionally and will want to spend their whole life with their owners.

If you decide that a Pug is the right breed for you, you will probably soon share your bed with your new family member.

It’s also important to remember that while they’re smart, they can be stubborn and require patience and dedication when training.

Reasons why a Pug may be the right dog for you


Here are 5 features that can help you decide if Pug dogs breeds are right for you:

1) Pugs are naturally boring, if you want a small and affectionate dog that can easily join with you, the Pug could be your dog breed. As a breed, they tend to be expressive, exuberant and often comical. They are eager to play and will follow you almost everywhere. Pugs tend to sleep more than other dogs, an average of 14 hours per day.

2) Pugs tend to be intelligent, observant and fast learners. The positive side of this trait is that they can be easily trained.

The downside is that they will quickly learn where the treats are stored and can do their part of mischief. They also tend to be a bit stubborn, so training your Pug may require a little more patience on your part. But if you persevere, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts.

3) Pugs are relatively low-maintenance. They don’t bark much, which is ideal if you live in an apartment or have roommates and tend to sleep a lot. As for maintenance, their short, rough hair needs regular preparation.

Pug dogs for sale

Fortunately most Pugs love physical contact which provides good brushing and are anxious for attention.

4) Due to their small stature, Pugs do not need fields to run and adapt well to apartment life. About 20 minutes of vigorous exercise a day should be enough to keep your Pug healthy, happy and entertained.

They tend to have a robust appetite and have a predisposition to obesity. So you’ll want to keep an eye on your dog’s weight and limit treats, especially on older animals.

5) Pugs get along well with other animals, they tend to be affectionate, they don’t usually fight. So they will try to make themselves loved, not only by you and your family, but by any other pets you may have.

Due to their size and sleep habits, they get along very well with cats, it’s not uncommon to see a Pug and a cat snuggling together for a nap.


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