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7 Fascinating Facts about Samoyed Dog Breeds

Samoyed dog breeds have a compact and muscular body. The wedge-shaped head is wide and slightly crowned. The muzzle is proportional to the size of the dog, narrowing towards the nose.

The color of the nose can be black, brown or liver. The lips are black, the teeth are in a scissor bite. The dark eyes, almond-shaped, are deep, somewhat separate, with an inclined lower eyelid and dark rim.

The erect and triangular ears are slightly rounded at the tips. The tail is moderately long, well covered with hair. The legs are solid and muscular and the legs flat and covered with hair.

The Samoyed was originally bred to hunt, drag sleds and herd reindeer, but this dog breed proved to be a valuable companion to the people of Samoyede in northwest Siberia.

Among the duties of the breed were: group walks, tracking and warming their owners by sleeping on them at night. Being a hardworking breed, the Samoyeds may have a strong will at times, but above all they remain family friendly, gentle and devoted dogs.

They are happy dogs and good character. Samoyed’s fondness for humans is probably due to its close association with the Samoyede (now known as the Nenetskys) who raised it thousands of years ago on the Taimyr Peninsula in Siberia.

The dogs pulled the sleds, herded reindeer, hunted and protected the Samoyede against predators. The dogs also lived with the people, played with the children (something they still enjoy today) and helped them stay warm in the cold weather.

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To this day, the Samoyed’s reputation as an intelligent, dignified and familiar dog is well deserved. He often chooses to dedicate himself to a special person at home, but he is affectionate with everyone in the pack.

It is happiest when it is part of family life, this breed needs to be with people. In fact, leaving a Samoyed alone too long is one way to make them feel miserable.

The personality of Samoyedo

The well-educated Samoyed, is an intelligent dog, kind and loyal. He is friendly and affectionate with his family, including children, and loves to be part of the domestic activity.

The Samoyed dog breeds are not ‘lone wolf’ dogs, they enjoy close association with those who live and are not mentally and physically able to stay alone in a kennel or in the backyard. Their loyalty and alertness are often a good watchdog.

Deep down, the Samoyed is still a hunter. He is likely to chase small animals that he perceives as prey. For his safety, he should always be tied up when he is not at home in his fenced yard.

Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including inheritance, training and socialization.

Puppies with pleasant temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people and be held by them.

It is recommended that you meet at least one parent, usually the mother you know, to make sure they have good temperaments you feel comfortable with. Getting to know siblings or other relatives is also helpful in assessing what a puppy will look like when he grows up.

Like all dogs, the Samoyed needs early socialization, exposure to many different people, images, sounds and experiences, when they are young.

Samoyed dog breed

Socialization helps ensure that your Samoyed puppy grows up to be a complete dog.

Interesting facts about Samoyedos

1) The Samoyed has other names: Although the conventional name is ‘Samoyed’, this breed of dog also has other names that look completely like tongue twisters, including: Bjelkier, Samoiedskaya Sobaka and Nemetskaya Laika.

2) Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world: Samoyed dog breeds are one of the 14 oldest dog breeds with genetic fingerprints closest to wolves.

Samoyed dogs belong to the Spitz family of dogs, originally from Asia, and were bred by the Samoyede people of Siberia to pull sleds, gather reindeer and hunt.

It is believed that the Samoyedes treated their dogs more as family members than as possessions.

3) The Samoyed is an impressive dog: The most notable characteristic of the Samoyed is its beautiful, thick white coat.

Their eyes are almond-shaped and are usually black or brown. Her ears are as hairy as the rest of her and stay upright. Another striking feature of the Samoyed is its tail, which curls over its back.

When it feels relaxed and comfortable, the tail usually falls off. Male Samoyed dogs are between 53 and 60 centimeters high, and females between 48 and 53 centimeters high.  The average weight of a Samoyed is 22 to 27 kilograms.

4) The Samoyed is famous for its smile: The reason one of the nicknames is ‘Smiley’ (smiling in English) is because these dogs carry a trademark smile.

The corners of their mouths are directed upwards, giving them a happy expression.

5) The Samoyed’s coat is a challenge to brush: The Samoyed’s coat is not precious by accident.

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The owners of these dogs must be very disciplined when brushing them frequently to avoid entanglement. Not surprisingly, Samoyed dogs shed a lot of hair everywhere during the detachment season.

6) Samoyed dogs need to be full members of the family: Samoyed dogs are known as affectionate family dogs, although they often bond more closely with one person in the family.

These dogs need to be with their people, and when left alone too often or for too long, they can feel lonely, depressed and become destructive. While he is very friendly and intelligent.

7) Samoyed is good with children and other dogs: A well socialized Samoyed loves children, but it is important that interactions with small children are supervised to prevent the dog from unintentionally hitting a child.

Samoyed dogs tend to have calm temperaments, so they do well with other dogs, especially if they are raised together from an early age.


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