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Learn a little more about the Schnauzer Dog breed

The Schnauzer dog is a thinking, his owners like to claim he has a human brain, and in fact, you can almost see him stroking his beard as he turns his head, planning his next move to take over his home and execute it in an efficient manner. He’s smart, so you’ll have to be smarter to stay one step ahead of him.

But speaking directly, the Schnauzer dog breed, which originated in Germany, was created to be a hunting, guarding, and multi-purpose dog on German farms. Their versatility, variety of sizes, protective nature and love of family make them an excellent companion dog breed.

These lovable dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people, which may be because the Schnauzer is a charming dog with a steady, gentle nature that makes it such a wonderful pet.

A hallmark of his breed is his facial appearance, which includes arched eyebrows, a bristly moustache and beard. The well-placed ears are carried erect when trimmed, but otherwise they are ‘V’ shaped, for their abilities and appearance are the reasons they are described as dogs with a human brain.

That is why we will talk a little about this breed of dog with unusual beards.

A little bit about their origin Schnauzer Dog

The Schnauzer dog breed has been around since the 15th century, originally bred to work as a rat catcher, but was also trained to perform the function of driving cattle, guarding property and stables, even protecting owners as they travelled to market.

   Schnauzer Dog breed

In all their duties, they excelled, even being used to pull carts, which made these farm dogs very versatile. It is one of the most prized breeds in Germany, not only for its working ability but also as a pet dog.

German breeders became interested in standardising this breed in the middle of the 19th century. At that time crosses were made with the grey Wofspitz and the black German Poodles to obtain the distinctive texture and colour of the breed’s coat. At about the same time Schnauzers were crossed with other breeds to develop Miniature Schnauzers and then Giant Schnauzers.

Types of Schnauzer Dog

Among the Schnauzer breed of dogs there are at least three variable types, the main difference between them being their sizes, such as the Giant Schnauzers, the Miniature Schnauzers and the medium sized Schnauzers called Standard Schnauzers or simply called Schnauzers.

Standard Schnauzers are medium sized dogs which inspired early breeders to develop two similar breeds to meet other needs. Schnauzers are usually agile, athletic and good hunters. The average size is 44 to 50 cm, with an approximate weight of 16 to 23 kg.

Giant Schnauzers are the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds. They have an imposing appearance and a robust body. But their seemingly serious attitude fades when you see the gleam in their eye hinting at their playful attitude. It is a big dog, with great dominant and bold personality. With a size of 60 to 70 cm, weighing between 34 – 43 kg.

Miniature Schnauzers despite their size have a variety of attitudes, they are intelligent, affectionate, with an outgoing temperament, and always in a good mood. They are one of the most recent additions to their charming breed.

Despite their size they are not considered a playful breed at all, as they are a little delicate. Their breed is adaptable being able to live even in flats as well as they could live in country houses. They have an approximate size of 30 to 36 cm. and an average weight of 5.4 kg. to 9.1 kg.

Personality and Temperament

The Schnauzer dog breed is highly intelligent, reliable and has a great capacity for endurance. They are always alert and ready for action.

So life will never be boring with a Schnauzer.

Schnauzer Dog for sale

The Schnauzer is territorial and demanding in temperament, so it is not surprising that they can become grumpy with visitors to your home.

They are also a stubborn personality, so their training can be complicated if they are not trained as early as possible. Otherwise he may assume that he is the dominant dog, making him difficult to handle.

This breed of dog has a habit of being serious protectors, with a penchant for looking after their family, they are cautious and wary of strangers, which makes them good watchdogs; you wouldn’t even have to train them to take on that role.

But by having them as guard dogs they can be prone to become overbearing, making it difficult to manage their behaviour.

The Schnauzer breed being a protective and stubborn personality can be very complicated for first time owners, plus their training can be difficult as they tend to vary the way they are trained so they can better grasp what they have learnt, and you have to be patient with them so it is best to only have a Schnauzer if you have experience training dogs and have some familiarity with their breed, so they are not troublesome dogs to have.

Characteristics of the Schnauzer

Also these dogs are fast and active, so they are one of those breeds that require stimulation and exercise to keep them from getting bored.

Schnauzers are very intelligent dogs and are quick learners as long as you know how to handle them. The disadvantage is that they can also acquire bad habits.

They are also good with children thanks to their gentle and gentle personality. However, it does not hurt to teach young children how to deal with a Schnauzer breed dog; and it is also best to supervise them when they are interacting with one.

Schnauzer Dog names

However this would only apply somewhat to the medium sized Schnauzer types as the giants can be difficult to handle around children if they are not well trained.

But when it comes to interaction with children, Miniature Schnauzers are ideal as they are more suitable and well behaved with all children of all ages. But that does not mean they should not be supervised.

This breed is almost adaptable to any type of environment, they can live in flats or houses where they can roam everywhere, with the exception of the Giant Schnauzers that due to their size are best suited to houses so they have more space.

But as they are dogs with a protective temperament, it should be considered that when keeping them in houses, there should be some kind of fence to prevent them from lunging at any stranger.


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