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10 Characteristics of Temperament and Physiognomy of Sharpei Dogs

This dog is sober and dignified with wrinkled skin, on his head, frowning and expression stands firm on the ground with a calm, is unparalleled the beautiful sharpei dogs.

Natural, clean and easy to educate, quiet and educated at home, sharpei dog is an impressive companion if you can establish a relationship of mutual respect, that is, you admire their independent character while constantly applying household rules to Which respects well if you set rules, this can be a challenge.

However, since this breed is dominant and stubborn it is definitely not the best choice for a dog owner for the first time.

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The sharpei dogs needs moderate and continuous exercise with several brisk daily walks, which do quite well in the city or in the suburbs, unless they are safely fenced because they escape right away, they are not the best option for a Farm or rural environment as they have a strong hunting instinct and can run a deer or disturb the local cattle ranch if left alone.

The sharpei dogs must be accustomed to the people, the people at an early age should not exist distance with the foreigners so that their natural territorial instincts are not properly discriminatory and marked.

Although they usually take up their spaces and their things calmly unless provoked, some sharpei dogs are aggressive with other dogs and some of them are abusive to cats.

If you want a dog that is medium-sized and solidly built, has an unusual appearance, has a calm, confident nature, is naturally clean and easy to educate, does not bark much, can meet the needs of moderate exercise, which Be very loyal to your family, then the sharpei dog may be right for you.

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Natural, clean and easy to educate, quiet and educated at home, sharpei dogs breed is an awesome companion if you can establish a relationship of mutual respect

If you do not want to deal with a strong character dog of your own mind, which requires a trusting owner to take over, with a dog with potential aggression towards people when not properly socialized, a dog with potential Aggression towards other animals.

With a dog with snoring and snorting of sounds while sleeping, a pet with a high price tag on serious health problems sometimes chronic and expensive bills from the veterinarian, a dog with legal responsibilities for public perception Before future bans of the breed, insurance issues, increased possibility of claims, then the sharpei dog may not be right for you.

Sharpei’s temperament is strong has an independent mind of its own and are not easy prey to raise and train, many sharpei are intentionally.

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Obstinate and dominant as they always want to be the boss and will make you prove that you can do things that dictates, You must show through the absolute consistency, which means what you want to say because yes.

The sharpei dogs is an impressive companion if you can establish a relationship of mutual respect

To teach your sharpei dogs to listen to you, the respect training is compulsory possess potential aggression towards strangers. There are also many Chinese sharpei who have instincts to protect strangers.

They need ample exposure to kind people so they learn to recognize normal or good behaviors, then they can recognize the difference when someone acts abnormally, without proper socialization, they can suspect everyone.

If you have small children, you would not recommend having a Chinese sharpei, there are too many people who do not tolerate in any sense, the animal aggression of many sharpei as they are dominant or aggressive with other dogs, especially of the same sex.

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