How to Remove the Fear of the Dog from the Veterinarian?

It is very common that dogs fear veterinarian, in fact it is considered one of the most common phobias of canines according to experts.

When a dog is taken to a consultation with your veterinarian and you feel fear, you will be noticed in their behavior as they usually bark, growl, hide, and even do their physiological needs in full veterinary consultation, all this product of fear they feel.

According to various investigations, one of the possible reasons why dogs fear the veterinarian is that when they are just puppies are taken to the vet to provide their first injections.

Therefore it is completely logical that these experiences lived by the puppy left traumas, because moving the dog to a place that is unaware of being injected (an act that causes discomfort) is quite uncomfortable for him.

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Dogs keep in their memory as they are taken to the veterinarian, the various experiences they experience there, and of course most of these are related to discomfort or pain, since the owner of a dog takes it to the vet when he himself has some disease, wound and stops the periodic vaccines. So every time you go to the vet will automatically associate as negative experiences.

All this is totally understandable since dogs, despite being very intelligent animals, do not have the ability to reason to the point of knowing that they are taken to a veterinarian in order that they only want the welfare of their health.

It is true that animals have a sixth sense with which they can sense infinities of situations, but in the case of dogs, they also tend to be very observant.

Because of these two particularities, it is most likely that your dog already knows what is in store for him, mainly because of the attitude you take when you go to take him to the vet.

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Tips so your dog does not fear the veterinarian near me career


If your dog is afraid of the vet, do not worry because it is not the exception and there are also measures with which you can reduce that fear considerably and make that visit to the vet stop being all torture.

Make your dog not fear the vet with the following recommendations:

1) When you take your dog to the veterinarian for the first time, it is normal for the puppy to be curious and want to know all the surrounding environment, so he will feel that this trip is something new for him, after he has already attended several Sometimes they may start feeling nervous and anxious because they already know what will happen to them in that place, however it is very important that the first few times you are very patient and firm with your pet.

2) If you are going to move your dog in a car, try that the only times you take it out by car is not to take it to the veterinarian, because otherwise it will associate the car with the going to the doctor and therefore it will resist the times that you try to take it

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3) Do not take your dog when it is full of energy, specifically if it is large. Make me burn energy before the consultation, to get tired and therefore be more relaxed at the time of the visit to the doctor.

That dogs fear veterinarians salary, in fact is considered one of the most common phobias


4) It is essential that visits to the veterinarian be done routinely and not only in emergencies, so your dog gets used to it and will not see the doctor as someone malignant.

It is also essential that you also do not feel nervous, because when you feel them your dog is able to perceive it and he will also feel nervous.

5) Give your dog a lot of caresses to make him feel safe, both before and at the time of entering the doctor’s office, so he will be more confident.

In turn, the relationship you have with the veterinarian should be kind because your dog will perceive it.

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