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Feeding and Care of Weimaraner Dog Breeds

Originally bred as a hunting dog to handle the big game like deer and bear, the Weimaraner dog was a highly coveted breed of dog in its native Germany.

Today, these elegant but demanding dogs can still be found in hunting grounds, but they can also be good friends of the family if they train well.

As Germany’s forests shrank and big game was scarce, people working with Weimaraners turned the breed’s talents to hunt birds, rabbits and foxes.

It takes its name from the place where it developed in Germany: the Court of Weimar, whose nobles wanted a dog with courage married to intelligence, one with good odor, speed and endurance on the road.

How did they achieve the dog of their dreams? It is first known as the Weimar point, but it is believed that the breeds used to create the Weimaraner include the Hound, the English Pointer, the Short-haired German Pointer and the Blue Great Dane.

Part of its appeal lies in its elegant fur from mouse grey to silver grey and amber, blue-grey or light grey eyes. But there is much more to the Weimaraner than its distinctive appearance.

Elegant, aristocratic dogs are loving and devoted. The first desire of Weimaraner dog breeds is to be with their people, preferably within the range of contact.

It is not for nothing that many Weimaraners carry the name ‘shadow’ as they will usually lie at your feet or follow you around the house.

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However, Weimaraners are not a breed for everyone, as these dogs have a great deal of energy and endurance so they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.


Temperament and personality of the Weimaraner


Weimaraners are dogs that want to be with their people all the time, which can be disconcerting.

But if you always enjoy having a dog by your side (and can spend time hiking, jogging or hunting with him), the Weimaraner can be your ideal canine companion.

Weimaraner breeds have a personality that can range from caregivers to relaxed. Males tend to be sweet, while females are not.

Puppies with more independence do well in the field while those who are calm and optimistic are best suited for homes and companions.

Fortunately, Weimaraners are sensitive, intelligent and pretended to please, which gives them an advantage in training, especially if you start early.

A young Weimaraner will test you to see how much he can get away with, so try enrolling him in a puppy kindergarten class when he’s 10 to 12 weeks old, and he’ll also learn to socialize.

As friendly as it is, the Weimaraner can be high maintenance. It needs a lot of social interaction and peace of mind to establish that confident and devoted Weimaraner attitude.

It will also introduce you to two fundamental laws of nature: a resting Weimaraner is boring and a boring Weimaraner is destructive.

Weimaraner Dog for sale

So you plan to keep him busy or he’ll put his own plan into action, like kicking carpets and walls, and you probably won’t like that.


The care of the Weimaraners


The first thing to know about Weimaraner dog breeds is that they are house dogs.

They are not intended for the life of the kennel or backyard, nor is it suitable for living in apartment.

This highly active dog needs a large, well fenced yard where it can run, and an active family that can provide the exercise and mental stimulation it needs.

A sense of humour also helps, especially when you see how your Weimaraner has changed your garden in its efforts to get rid of mice and insects.

He’ll be proud of himself for his good efforts, so don’t forget to praise him as you figure out in your head how much time, money and effort you’ll need to re-position the yard the way you like it best.

You may want to monitor it more closely and provide additional exercise. Weimaraners need a couple of hours of exercise every day if you want to prevent barking, chewing and digging.

Take him for a jog or a walk, teach him to run with your bike, or have him participate in a canine sport. And of course, you can always take him hunting.

Make sure your yard is escape-proof, Weimaraners are Houdinis when it comes to confinement, and they’re great at learning how to open doors and gates and jump or dig under fences.


Feeding a Weimaraner


The recommended daily amount for Weimaraner breeds is 2.5 to 3.5 cups of high quality dry food per day, divided into two meals.

It should be noted that the amount your adult dog eats depends on his size, age, metabolism and activity level. Dogs are unique and not all need the same amount of food.


The coat and brushing of Weimaraners


The coat of the Weimaraner is short, soft, elegant and solidly coloured, from mouse grey to silver grey, generally with lighter tones on the head and ears.

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A variety of this long-haired breed is recognised in Europe; long-haired Weimaraners have a silky, fluffy coat on their tails and legs.

The nose of the Weimaraner is dark grey. Inside the flaps of the ears and lips, where the coat is thin or non-existent, the skin is pink.

One of the great advantages is that Weimaraners are one of the easiest breeds to fix, even when the dog has been running through the mud, dirt simply seems to slide into it.

Weekly brushing with a bristle brush should keep your coat and skin healthy. In addition, brushing will help keep loose hair away from your clothes and furniture.

To make your silver coat shine, wipe it with a chamois.

Bathe him when necessary, as Weimaraners are happy to roll in something frightening, baths can be more frequent than would normally be necessary.


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