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The Adorable Yorkshire Terrier: Temperament, Health and Care

The Adorable Yorkshire Terrier Toy is a proud and loyal breed in a small package. These little fighters are full of energy and loving companions.

Mini Yorkshire Terriers enjoy the outdoors and love to chase squirrels. They are also excellent companions for less active owners, as they enjoy the attention.

These dogs are small sized Yorskshire Terriers similar to a toy, they are also known as ‘Yorkies’. They are popular for their long, silky, straight coat, and are named after their place of origin in Yorkshire, northern England.

The coat of the free Yorkshire Terrier is a combination of steel blue (on the body and tail) and tan. Its fur can grow particularly long, especially around the face, and often requires trimming to prevent it from dipping in food or water.

It is true that the Yorkhire Terrier dog does not shed as much hair as other dogs due to the lack of an undercoat, but even so they shed a little. The coat requires weekly brushing and the longer hair around the head often needs to be tucked in to avoid obstructing the dog’s vision.

It should be mentioned that people tend to confuse the Yorkshire with other breeds such as the Silky Terrier, but the truth is that there are Silky Terrier and Yorkshire terrier differences between the two breeds, such as weight, the shape of the ears, the shape of the muzzles and coat.

  Adorable Yorkshire Terrier haircuts

The Yorkshirre Terrier race can be small, but are energetic dogs that require a daily walk, and for this same reason it is common to see the Yorkshire Terrier playing, so you should also play with him often.

History of the Adorable Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

The Yorkshire Terrier price, named after the region of England where it originated, arose from a combination of buzzards and working dogs. It was the result of intentional crosses of many terriers, including Clysedale Waterside, Paisley Sky, Dandie Dinmont and Black and Tan English Terriers.

Specifically the Clyesdale Waterside played a major role in the creation of the Yorkshire Terrier puppy, especially in its appearance which was small, grayish blue and had long hair. It was brought to Yorkshire by Scottish weavers around the 1850s.

Because of its roots, the English nobility was not a fan of the Yorkshire Terrier, believing it was common, but soon the black Yorkshirre Terrier became the pet of choice among the rich British because of its elegant appearance and small size.

General appearance of the Adorable Yorkshire Terrier

According to the American Kennel Club the Yorkshire Terrier key characteristics of the breed include long hair with a ‘blue’ coat (bright grey) and brown that separates in the face.

The coat should hang long and evenly around the body. Although there are also different Yorkshire Terrier haircuts, therefore the Yorkshire Terrier peelings will really be at the discretion of the owners.

The Yorkshire Terrier Toy mini are very proud and have a lot of confidence in themselves. In the exhibition ring, the Yorkshire Terrier pictures that have any target on the coat other than a small patch on the chest is a sure disqualification.

The Yorkshire Terrier blue and tan colors. Black and gold, black and tan, and blue and gold are the only ones allowed for this breed.

Adorable Yorkshire Terrier names

The female Yorkshire Terrier has a silky coat with a fine texture. It is common that people hold the hair on the head because this ensures that the longer hanging hairs on the head are kept out of the eyes and mouth, for this reason in the photos of Yorkshire Terrier can be seen both that hairstyle.

Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier

Before buying a Adorable Yorkshire Terrier or adopting a Yorkshire Terrier keep in mind that they are dogs that have a lot of courage; sometimes they may seem to have no concept of their relative size.

They have no qualms about a much larger dog. It is known that the race is happy and full of energy, but techniques to train a Yorkshire Terrier properly minimize these characteristics.

They are excellent watchdogs and therefore often see Yorkshire Terrier barking, also have a deep loyalty to their families, the Yorkies need much training of their owners to know the limits of their behavior.

They enjoy the company of other dogs/pets, but don’t be surprised if you find them away from the group in dog parks.

The Adorable Yorkshire Terrier character makes them loyal and friendly to people they meet, but sometimes they have difficulty making new friends.

Because of their fragile body and small structure, very young children can present a risk of injury to the white Yorkshire Terrier during play or squeeze.

Adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Some breeders refuse to sell them to families with children under five for this reason. With good early socialization practice, Yorkshire Terrier puppies and adult Yorkshire Terrier Toy can be integrated into families without problem.

Just be sure to watch them when they are around new people and children.

The health of Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier’s life expectancy is approximately 13 to 16 years, however there are some diseases that they are more prone to suffer from, among which are

– Patellar dislocation: This is a common problem among small dog breeds, and occurs when the kneecap is not aligned correctly, causing the kneecap to fall in and out of place. This can lead to lameness or an unusual gait in the large Yorkshire Terrier.

– Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Refers to a set of eye conditions that leads to gradual deterioration of the retina in the adult Yorkshire Terrier, causing night blindness and then total blindness.

– Cataracts: As in humans, cataracts in the Yorkshire Terrier short hair refer to a cloudy membrane that forms over the eye and causes visual impairment. They can be surgically removed.

– Hypoglycemia: This is a low blood sugar level, it is common in the dwarf Yorkshire Terrier that is over stressed. Symptoms include weakness, confusion, abnormal gait and seizures.

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