4 Basic Care In The Maintenance Of The Turtles Tank

Turtles Tank can be very fun and interesting pets. However, few are aware of how necessary it is to give them the required attention. Turtles belong to the order Chelonia, one of the oldest orders of reptiles.

The first turtles evolved about 300 million years of past ages, specifically at the time of the dinosaurs.

Turtles Tank are distinguished from all other vertebrates have an outer shell that serves to protect your body.

This wrap has cavities for the turtle can pull its head, tail and legs. Turtles are animals that are distinguished by their toothless jaws and hard shells.

The species of tortoises have heavy feet and domed shells, while aquatic or marine have webbed feet and their shells are flat to facilitate swimming. Regardless of where they spend their lives, all air-breathing turtles and all lay eggs on land.

Turtles Tank for sale

The Turtles Tank is popularly known as a harmless and peaceful animal, even though many of them are carnivorous hunters. They are friendly with people, but often they appear shy and hide in your shell at the slightest opportunity. Turtles are valued as food in different parts of the world for their meat and their eggs.

Due to hunting and other factors, the number of copies of this animal is being reduced to bring them to extinction. A classification of turtles is done today caters to the way they bury their heads in the shell.

Thus, we have Pleurodiras turtle neck laterally folding. And Criptodiras turtles, which bury their heads poking neck inwards.

Thus, we have two groups which in turn are divided into other, leaving a scheme as follows:

Turtles Pleurodiras: Afro-American and Austro-American.

Turtles Criptodiras: Snapping Turtles, Sea Turtle Shell Smooth Sea
Turtle Leatherback Turtles Soft Shell, Soft Shell Turtle, Turtle Swamp, Central River Turtle, Turtle Macroencéfala, semi -aquatic turtles and tortoises.

The terrapins despite not being animals they can interact very actively, such as dogs or cats – they’re a great choice for children to learn the importance of caring for your pet and develop responsibility . Therefore it is very important to be aware of the attention they need to be healthy, in this article give you the basics so you know how to care for a turtle water properly.

Turtles Tank size

Follow These Important Care for Your Turtles Tank for sale

  • Choose a large enough tank to allow or (much better if you have two) turtles are comfortable considering that grow. There should be an area of land for the turtle comes to rest or sunbathe
  • The space must have a water deep enough to allow the animal to swim comfortably, activity water turtles love
  • Try to locate your turtle in a room in the home where he can receive sunlight at any time of the day as the need to have healthy bones and shell. If you can not get it then acquires the lamps that mimic this type of light in a store, this condition is essential to grow your turtle healthy
  • As in the case of fish turtles also require that water has a temperature regulated between 26 and 28 degrees but also must ensure that the environment does not drop below 25 degrees (can be achieved with a lamp to acclimate) than otherwise when you go to the area of land will be too abrupt a change that could eventually affect your health
  • The water also requires significant care: should always be clean to avoid diseases. A good way is to install a filter and then change the water more often which basically depends on each turtle and the speed with which soiled their space.

Turtles Tank filters

Turtles Tank  filters are distinguished from all other vertebrates have an outer shell that serves to protect your body

  • In pet shops you will find special food for water turtles. However, you can change your diet and add other foods, remember that turtles are omnivores ie they eat everything, but it is important to never give dishes prepared for human consumption (salt, spices, cooked, etc.).
  • Pets are also particularly gluttonous why you must be very careful as they will eat what you give them, but watch that the food is right for your nutritional needs. When they are small eat three times a day while adult three to four times a week
  • The health of terrapins in large part depends on three factors: they receive adequate sunlight, they are fed well and that your area is always clean. The occurrence of fungi in the shell is common to avoid can pour 1/4 rate of common salt for every 19 liters of water
    • Remember that although these animals do not go on a walk or you can not play like other pets also require attention and care to grow up healthy.

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