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3 Reasons why a Bell for Cats is not Recommended

The image of a Bell for Cats with a bell in our imagination seems quite natural. Although for many years it has been seen as a nice accessory and somehow necessary for a cat.

There is growing detractors who put this noisy article in the neck of the cat.

First, the main reason is noise. And not just because it is repetitive and annoying for you, but because it is harmful to the health of your cat.

He thinks that the bell is too close to your pinna and ultimately to subject him to such strong and constant stimuli

Bell for Cats to ring

Will miss hearing acuity. You might even get aa go deaf if the bell is of considerable size.

No related studies, but we think it’s some common sense.

The sound of the bell can alter the mood of your cat. Definitely have a perpetual ringing around your neck, you can get very nervous to your cat.

Think about what you are quiet and stealthy cats by nature, moving deftly, parsimony, and foremost.

Is the picture of relaxation, Zen. With a bell, you put your nerves and you pass pussycat.

Bell for Cats noir

Place a your Bell for Cats may make Serious
Problems to Your Physical Health


Wear a collar with a bell ringing is anything but comfortable. In fact, many cats try to remove it, or even bite them not to ring.

You may take your cat and has been used to, but thinks it is not at all natural to take that on your neck.

If, despite what we tell you, you can not resist putting your cat a bell, try to put it only occasionally or at least buy a small one. We know that the collars have many functions:Black Bell for Cats


The image of a cat cascabel with a bell in our imagination seems quite natural






electronic motion devices, etc.


Although the collar should be necessary, which is not required to carry a bell included.


Put yourself in your little hairy, because you look funny or beautiful should not saturate the ear and the peace of your cat.


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