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5 Harmful Foods for your Beloved Dog

If you have a beloved dog as a pet it is totally important that you pay attention to its feeding as the health of the canine depends on this factor to a great extent.

If the dog is well fed, it is more likely to live longer and look better.

However, feeding a beloved dog well does not mean feeding him large amounts of food, but eating good quality food in the right quantity, just as you would for people to eat a healthy diet.

Previously, people used to think that to feed a dog was enough to give him the leftovers of the kitchen, and although dogs in most of the occasions would eat them due to the fact that dogs usually eat everything, this is not at all good since to feed a dog with pure leftovers is not beneficial for its health.

Similarly, feeding a dog only protein such as meat, would be the same as feeding him only leftovers, is not enough for his nutritional requirements.

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Even though dogs are carnivorous animals, it is not recommended to feed them only meat, because with time they have adapted to become omnivorous, so dogs need to eat cereals, fruits and vegetables, and not only meat, achieving a balanced diet.

Nor should you get your beloved dog used to eating the same food as you do, i.e. food that people usually eat.

Although they may like it better than dog food, this is not good for them as they will get used to it in such a way that eventually they will not want to eat their own food.

Also, the fact that their body has developed to expand their diet does not mean that they can eat everything, there are still certain foods that they cannot eat as they can be toxic or cause allergies.

Foods that beloved dog should not eat

1) Chocolate: Although it is a fairly common food, chocolate can be very harmful to dogs, even causing death.

This is because cocoa is composed of elements that can poison animals, such as caffeine and theobromine, which can damage the nervous system of dogs, also can cause arrhythmias, seizures, allergies, etc..

Beloved Dog meaning

2) Cheese: Milk derivatives should be excluded from the dog’s diet as much as possible, because they contain a lot of fat and therefore are likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and sometimes even pancreatitis.

However, the most harmful ingredient in cheese is sugar. Cheese can also lead to gas, vomiting, or diarrhea.

3) Garlic: Dogs should never be given any food that contains spices, as garlic can lead to the destruction of red blood cells.

 Garlic is a very toxic food for these animals, however, the consequences of eating garlic are not noticeable at the time, but are present after a while as they appear as symptoms such as color change in the urine turning orange or red, kidney failure, decreased hemoglobin, anemia.

Harmful Foods for your beloved dog

4) Milk: Sometimes dogs can be lactose intolerant, in fact all dogs are considered lactose intolerant. Similarly, not only lactose can affect them, but also the fat contained in cow’s milk as this usually produces diarrhea.

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By the time dogs reach adulthood, they are less tolerant of lactose because they lack the enzyme that digests it. It is not as lethal a food for dogs, but it does increase the risk of developing certain diseases in the long term.

5) Small bones: Dogs love bones, and they will never refuse when you offer them one, however it is crucial to consider the size of the bones you will give them as if they are small they can be very dangerous for these animals.

Smaller bones can cause breathing and digestion problems. There is also the possibility that they will suffocate or be injured.


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