What's the cat food

6 Reasons why cat food brands don’t include vegetables

It is true that we love our pets, but it is also true cat food that many times for comfort, because we see the animal sniffing our food or because we believe that the cat is asking us to try our food, we ended up giving the cat ingredients of our daily consumption.

This bad habit can cause serious problems in animal health as some foods are highly toxic to your pet.

Several toxic cat food cat, and some vegetables top the list, why it is desirable to completely eliminate these ingredients from their diets.

It is necessary to remember that a quality I think is the best alternative for the feline.

It contains all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy while our food may be harmful to the animal.

There are several toxic plants for cats, with the garlic and onions the most dangerous.

What's the cat food brands

Due to its content of thiosulfate these foods can cause diarrhea, vomiting, breathing problems and even the destruction of red blood cells in the body of the animal.

Why should never be administered to the cat.

Remember that the body of the cat has special requirements, why should receive adequate and balanced diet which preferably does not include ingredients or meals of our consumption.

If in doubt consult your veterinarian.

Make a note of these 8 cat fruits:

    Apple: The apple is easy to digest, mild, rich in vitamins A, C, B, E and K and also contains minerals. Cats can eat apples in small cubes without skin, or with skin but well washed.

We will remove all seeds first.

    Pear: The pear is tasty, and rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and E. In small quantities, it is ideal as a treat for fat cats, as it contains almost 80% water, and is not very caloric.

So don’t think about it and try cutting a few pieces of pear for your cat from time to time. As in the previous case, seedless.

    Peach: Peach in moderation is a good fruit for cats and they tend to like it a lot. But always give it to them without the central seed.

    Melon: melon is perfectly suitable for cats and many love it. Eliminate the seeds

before giving melon to your cat.

Watermelon: Watermelon is another example of good fruit for cats that they like very much. We will also give it to them without seeds.

Strawberries: Strawberries are good for cats, and many love them. In addition, they are rich in fibre and vitamin C, with an antioxidant and immune system-protective effect.

According to ASPCA strawberries are not toxic to cats, dogs or horses.

cat food dispenser

Your cat food miku should be something that Careful attention


    Blueberries: Consumed in moderation they are a healthy fruit for cats, because of the large amount of antioxidants they provide. And you know what? Many cats love them.

    Raspberries: because of their beautiful colour and peculiar taste, many cats love them. Giving one or two raspberries occasionally to your cat is a good natural treat.

You can read more about how to give strawberries to your cat, what properties they have and what precautions to observe in Can cats eat strawberries?

Supposedly cats don’t like fruit because they can’t taste sugar, or so they say on some websites.

But that’s not true! Although not everyone, many cats do like fruit and some are quite crazy about watermelon or peach, for example.

So if your cat hasn’t tried it yet, give her a piece to see how she reacts…she might get hooked on these natural treats.   Let’s look at some good vegetables for cats now.

Vegetables that cats can eat, healthy and safe:

    Cucumber: In my experience, cucumbers like cats a lot. One or two slices from time to time is a perfect treat.

    Carrot: Carrots are rich in minerals and fiber, and contain valuable nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, but above all they are rich in beta-carotene, ideal for protecting vision.

Carrots are very good for cats and a classic in their diet, better cooked and grated, so they can digest them more easily.

    Green beans: cooked green beans are also good for cats and they generally like them. They are low in calories and provide water, fibre and some vitamins such as C, B2 and B6.

best cat food recall

    Peas: cooked peas, another super classic of cat vegetables. Peas, among other nutrients, contain magnesium, vegetable protein and vitamin B2.11.


Several toxic cat food cat advisor, and some vegetables top the list, why it is desirable to completely eliminate these ingredients from their diets.


Lettuce: raw lettuce is another of the fruits and vegetables for cats or (vegetables that cats can eat, rather) and in fact mine eat it quite often. They usually steal bits of my leaves while I make salads. Lettuce has fiber, water, and no fat, so it’s a good cat snack.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a great idea as a cat food. It is often used cooked and mixed with meat in homemade dishes and is very digestible for cats.

Zucchini: Rich in vitamins A and C, which help strengthen the immune system and delay cellular aging. It also contains other beneficial substances, such as lutein, which help maintain good eye health. It is also ideal for a cat that needs to lose weight, as it contains a lot of water and fiber, but provides very few calories.

Lettuce: You can give it cooked, as part of a dish based on meat, or even raw pieces, salad type. Many cats love to eat lettuce.

Sweet potato: sweet potatoes or sweet orange potatoes are also a very good option to add to your cat’s home-cooked dishes.

Broccoli: is a vegetable suitable for cats, without abusing too much, as excess can cause gas to pets.

Asparagus asparagus are also safe for cats. You can give them cooked and mixed with meat, liver, etc..

Tomato: The tomato provides vitamins C, A, K and minerals such as iron and potassium. Be careful not to give them green or immature tomatoes, nor leaves or stems of the tomato plant, because they are toxic.

We will give raw ripe tomato cut in cubes, salad type, or cooked tomato, or in sauce. However, we will always cook for our cats without salt, spicy or added sugar.

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