Border Terrier puppy

Most Relevant Particularities of the Border Terrier

Although not as ostentatious in appearance as some of its terrier relatives, the Border Terrier puppy is still a pure terrier, living life with great taste, either with people or digging a hole in a quarry.

Frankly, it is a little surprising that you are not more popular, given that it is one of the healthiest purebred dogs, has less desire to hunt than most other terriers, is quite flexible with respect to exercise and the cost of Border Terrier puppies is affordable.

The Border Terrier Noir is robust and excellent with children, making it one of the top terrier contenders for a family pet.

The size of the Border Terrier may be small at 6.8 kilograms or less, but it is not fragile. This dog will be tough enough with children, and is athletic enough to keep up with anyone, which is why it is one of the few terriers well represented in canine competitions such as agility, which is why it is very popular and you can even find some Border Terrier adornments in such competitions.

There are people who also register this breed of dogs in obedience and show competitions.

If you want a stellar companion, give the price of the Border Terrier a chance to have a partner to go out and run, walk and play a couple of times a day.

 Border Terrier mix

It is recommended that such activities be carried out behind a fence or on a leash, because definitely the nature of Border Terrie is based on being a fast dog when it comes to chasing creatures like squirrels and cats.

The Border Terrier sale is a dog that likes to be in the company of people and is prone to make a lot of noise and a big mess if left alone, so it needs to live inside as a member of the family.

The appearance of a Border Terrier

The appearance, as can be seen in the Terriers Border images, consists of a small, sturdy and medium bone size. The shoulders and body are narrow.

The weight of the Border Terrier ranges from 6.8 kg or less. The space between the eyes is relatively wide. The muzzle is short and generally dark, with a slight stop, moderately wide.

The nose of the Labrador x Border Terrier is black, the teeth are strong with a scissor bite. The small ears are V-shaped, located on the side of the head, fall forward near the cheeks and are usually dark in colour. The medium sized eyes are dark hazel. Their front legs are straight and not too heavy.

The tail is medium sized, being thicker at the base and tapering. The most common colours of Border Terrier are greyish, red and wheat, expressed in a short double layer of dense and fibrous fur. They may have a small amount of white on the chest.

Border Terrier Temperament

The Border Terrier’s temperament is not like other types of Terriers. Its irregular appearance disguises well its affectionate, adorable, yet independent nature, with its cheeky, otter-like appearance.

One of the Border Terrier’s most remarkable characteristics is its energy, so it loves to play a lot and needs to be busy to be truly happy and balanced.

Border Terrier puppy

Besides, when selling Border Terrier puppies before adopting them, we must take into account that they are dogs that keep their instinct to chase their prey and do not like anything else but being outdoors doing what they do best, which is just that.

That said, as long as they are given enough to do and lots of physical exercise, they fit in well as a family pet, they will thrive in the home environment and you will not hesitate to take pictures of Terriers Border so that they become part of your family album.

As with other terriers and dogs in general, the Border Terrier needs to be well socialized from an early age to get along with other animals that are commonly kept as family pets and this of course includes cats.

However, if a neighbor’s cat ventures into their territory, the Border Terrier’s personality will make them see the cat as prey and will not resist chasing it.

The intelligence of the Border Terrier dog breed

In the sale of Border Tierrer, it is possible that just by looking at them you can already notice the great intelligence that these dogs have.

They are very intelligent dogs, which means that they are very easy to train when given the right kind of guidance from an early age.

 However, the various types of Border Terriers are also very sensitive dogs and therefore do not respond well to any type of severe correction or loud voices. Considering this, they are known to be quite independent thinkers and, as such, need firm and fair handling from the very first moment.

The problem is that if a Border Terrier detects something more interesting at a distance, it will most likely investigate it rather than obey an order.

The Origin of Borden Terriers

The Border Terrier pup originated in the Cheviot Hills, near the border of England and Scotland, where this breed of dog was first bred. Border Terriers are possibly one of the oldest types of terriers in Britain.

Border Terrier temperament

Farmers had problems with foxes killing their animals and the Border Terrier worked with them to drive the foxes out of their dens and kill them.

They were small enough to follow a fox on the ground, but big enough to keep up with the horses.

The farmers often did not feed the dogs in the hope that their prey would drive even higher and they would have to hunt to survive.

Today, although the Border Terrier is primarily a companion dog, it can serve as an excellent farm dog helping to control vermin.

This breed was recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1920 and by the American Kennel Club in 1930. Some of the Border Terrier’s talents include: hunting, tracking, vigilance, agility, competitive obedience and tricks.


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