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Breton Spaniel Dog Breeds: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Breton Spaniel dog breeds were bred as hunting dogs, and they definitely have birds on the brain. They are energetic, versatile family companions and hunting dogs that work more closely with the hunter than other hunting breeds.

The Breton Spaniel is a happy and elegant dog that is alternately described as hyperactive and as the perfect family friend. The truth depends on your own interests and activity levels.

Like all sporting breeds, the Breton Spaniel has energy to spare, and that, combined with its other qualities, can make it a good choice for the right home.

Breton Spaniels are remarkable in many ways. Their medium size, 43 to 20 centimetres in height and 14 to 18 kilograms in weight, is attractive to families and sportsmen alike. They are not too big to stay in the house or travel with you in your car if you are passionate about hunting.

Very versatile, Breton Spaniels have won more dual championships than any other breed. A dual championship means that the dog has won championships in both field trials and conformation shows.

However, this breed of dog is not for everyone. For one thing, its energy level may be more than many people want. Although, the Breton Spaniel has an irrepressible joy of life and a high level of enthusiasm for everything they do, whether it is playing with children, fetching birds or simply enjoying life with a good, straight, unhindered run.


If you don’t have the same energy and enthusiasm, it can be hard to keep up with one of these dogs.


The Breton Spaniel temperament and personality


Breton Spaniel dog breeds are happy and alert. As befits a hunting breed, they are curious and independent, but respond well to their people and want to please them.

They can be single-minded when it comes to bird, but when they are not focused on their feathered prey, they enjoy spending time with their people, especially if they are doing something active. They are not only energetic, they are intelligent, so they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation every day.

When it comes to training, be consistent but never harsh. A dog’s temperament can depend on training, genetics, and socialisation.

The Breton Spaniel’s personality varies from mild to active and from mild to stubborn. Likewise, it can also vary according to gender. Neutered males have a reputation for being calmer and gentler than females, but of course, each dog is an individual. Although all dogs of this breed love their family and seek attention from them at every opportunity.

As a family dog, the Breton Spaniel is playful, friendly and affectionate. Unlike many sporting dogs, it is wary of strangers, making it an excellent watchdog.


History of the Breton Spaniel


Some claim that Breton Spaniel dog breeds first developed around 150 A.D., although tapestries and paintings depicting a dog resembling the Breton Spaniel only appeared in the 17th century.

In 1850, the Reverend Davies wrote of the small hunting dog with a pigtail that could point and retrieve.

The breed was originally bred for hunting in the small town of Pontou, in the province of Brittany. These French dogs were valued for their versatility and ability to work in different types of country. It has been speculated that further crossbreeding occurred around 1900, although there are different stories.

In 1907, the Breton Spaniel was first recognised in France as a distinct breed, during which time a breed standard was established. By 1931, Breton Spaniels arrived in the United States, where their moderate size and friendly disposition gained the breed popularity as a family dog.

Maintenance of the Breton Spaniel breed


The short coat of the Breton Spaniel dog breeds is easy to care for. The breed can shed slightly, so brushing your dog weekly with a soft, buffed brush will prevent loose hair from spreading throughout the house.

Bathe him regularly, specifically when he is dirty. Clean the ears with some frequency, especially after trips to the field, and be sure to keep the nails trimmed.

Breton Spaniels can develop dental problems, so be sure to brush his teeth regularly.

This hunting breed has a high energy level and will need plenty of daily exercise. Daily walks should also be supplemented with time to run and play for at least an hour every day.

The Breton Spaniel is not a flat dog, thriving best in a home with a fenced yard. Without proper exercise, these dogs can develop destructive habits and nervous behaviour.

Energetic Breton Spaniels are suitable for performance sports such as agility, flyball, field trials and dock diving.

It should be mentioned that if puppies grow too fast, they may develop joint conditions such as osteochondritis dissecans. Often these dogs need supervised diets during the breeding period and may need supplements to ensure adequate growth.


Health of Breton Spaniels


The Brittany Spaniel is generally healthy, but like all breeds, they are prone to certain health conditions. Not all breeds of Breton Spaniel dogs will have any or all of these diseases, but it is important to be aware of them if you are considering this breed.

– Hip dysplasia: Many factors, including genetics, environment and diet, are thought to contribute to this hip joint deformity. In mild cases, with proper diet and exercise, the animal can lead a normal, active life. In more severe cases, surgical correction may be required.

– Epilepsy: This disorder causes mild to severe seizures. Epilepsy can be hereditary, it can be triggered by events such as metabolic disorders, infectious diseases affecting the brain, tumours, etc. A dog can live a full and healthy life with proper management of this disorder as it is a condition that can be controlled with medication.

– Hypothyroidism: This condition is caused by an abnormally low level of hormone produced by the thyroid gland. A mild sign of the disease can be infertility, although there are also more obvious signs such as obesity, mental dullness, drooping eyelids, low energy levels, etc. Hypothyroidism can be treated with daily medication, which the dog must take for life.


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