4 Simple Things You Do If Your dog stung by a bee on Paw

if your dog stung by a bee what you must first do is care that is not allergic to the bite. Does your dog have a bee sting and do not know what to do to relieve your pain?

Especially during hot weather or in areas with plenty of water is normal to notice the presence of bees and wasps everywhere.

In the same way that they can attack us, so can our pets. It is therefore important to know the steps we must take if this happens.

In the case of bees, only females can sting, which leaves the thorn stuck in the wound and die shortly after.

If any allergic reaction does not occur, the area of the bite undergoes a process of inflammation in whitening and surrounded by a red circle and pain.

My Dog is Stung By a Bee

In the case where the dog hit by a bee sting present clear signs of an allergic reaction or other general weakness, breathing problems, fever or larger swelling than normal, you should take him to the vet to be examined and treated.

Especially with the bites on the neck and face of the animal must be careful, because they can clog the upper airways (mouth, larynx, and trachea farigne) and cause suffocation.

A single bee sting in any area of the body, does not have to be a problem. If you wonder what to do if your dog gets bitten by a bee should know that the first thing to do is remove the stinger.

To do this, you must not under any circumstances use tweezers, as pressing down on the sting to hold, which is a major provocarías expulsion of poison. You must act as quickly as possible and remove the stinger nothing percatarte bite.

The best way to remove it is with the help of a credit card or piece of firm cardboard. Simply remove the hair and drag the sting can carefully and gently until it is full, see our article on remedy for bee stings for details.

Dog is Stung By a Bee on paw

In the case where dog ​​stung by a bee what to do present clear signs of an allergic reaction or other general weakness


Bee stings are formed by a small pouch where the poison is, be very careful and try not to break it.

After removing the stinger, you should wash the area with mild soap especially for dogs and water.

A home remedy that can help relieve the pain of bee sting is mixed in a glass of water a teaspoon of baking soda and apply it on the affected area.

One benefit of the bicarbonate is its ability to relieve insect stings, among which are the bees.

dog stung by a bee in the mouth

 if your dog is stung by a bee on paw what you must first do is care that is not allergic to the bite


It is important during cleaning the affected area do not rub the sting, just need to wash it carefully to avoid infections.

Once clean, take some ice or frozen vegetable bag and wrap it with a clean cloth. If you can hold it, place the cloth with ice on the bite for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and pain.

You can also use cold compresses. Check with your veterinarian about the use of antihistamines to reduce pain and combat the symptoms of the bite.

Remember, if your dog has an allergic reaction, severe swelling develops or has an anaphylactic shock, you should go to the vet immediately to proceed to evaluate and initiate the best treatment.

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