Cats Protection: 3 Techniques for Litter Box Training

Teaching a cats protection to use the litter box is not necessary in most cases. We’ve all heard that the cats are very clean animals:

this topic is the result of observation by a part of the natural tendency of cats to clean and groom the hair but also to their natural habit to urinate and defecate in his sandbox .

This hygienic habit makes cats good pets and is the manifestation in the domestic cat’s condition Lonely Hunter wild cat: need to hide his trail as possible to their prey undetected presence.

Although the trend is natural there may be instances of problem cats in which the tendency to use the sandbox does not manifest.

In these cases we must act as follows.

If your cat is small make sure you can get on the sandbox.

Not place the litter box near the cat’s food.

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Attention to the sand you buy. Some brands include perfumes that can mislead the cat in identifying the location and function of the sandbox.

Place the litter box in a quiet place where the cat has some privacy, if the cat has been urinating and defecating in some acceptable place put the sandbox there.

Once you have chosen the location of the sandbox, it should be final. Teach your cat where you put the litter box and remove the sand by hand to see what it is.

If you see that the cat is placed in position in the wrong place, pick it up and take it to the sandbox running. Do this firmly but gently without scold.

The cleaner we keep the sandbox better both for us and for the cat. We must remove the faeces each day and change all the sand once a week.

However the first few days, especially if there have been problems to get used to using the sandbox we be less stringent hygiene for the cat to detect the odor and the odor-established location-based relationship.

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Make sure your cat always has access to your sandbox.

In these simple 3 steps we show you what can help you teach your new pet how to use the sandbox.


Check your cat’s itinerary: cats usually need to use the sandbox after a nap, after some play time or after eating.


Knowing when your cat needs to use the toilet is a good place to keep an eye out for the sandbox and not the sofa.


Play with your cat near the sandbox: as many cats need to dispose of their waste after a day of play, it’s a good idea to spend some time with him near the sandbox so you can direct him there if you see he’s looking for a place to relieve himself after the day.


If the box is in place with a door close it to prevent it from coming out.


Teach him what to do:


If your cat never had a chance to get her mother to show her how to use the litter box, it’s your turn to do so.

You can carry him to the site and show him how he can dig in, as this is the action that follows doing his business.

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You can place it in the box and with your fingers dig into the sand so that it learns by example.



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If your cat actually uses the box but doesn’t bury his ‘affairs’ in front of him, take some of the sand and cover it up so that he knows that this is the expected action, this may take time but he’ll probably understand.

It’s important that you do this with YOUR fingers and not take the cat’s paws, this can cause anxiety and you’ll achieve the opposite effect.

There are usually a lot of cat litter on the market from natural to synthetic, some including chemicals to minimise odour.

The idea is to find a type of sand that is comfortable for the cat and makes cleaning the box easier. The ones that tend to build up in cat litter may be the ones that people recommend the most.

Another important point is the amount of sand that should be placed in the box.

If you fill it, in the cat’s natural process of covering its litter something may come out while if you use less it is possible that the cat will feel uncomfortable and believe that it is not covering it up enough.

Experts talk about measures between 5 and 10 cm high of sand in the box, you can start with the lowest measure and if your cat doesn’t seem comfortable, go up until it is.

Keeping the sandbox clean is another one of those crucial points, your cat can refuse to use it as long as he or she thinks it’s dirty, so, just as it’s not you who determines if it’s dirty, it’s the cat.

Take out the waste twice a day and once a week change the sand and wash the box deeply.


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