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Do you know how to break up or stop a dog fight?

Dog fight, we’ve all been there, and we all know the characters involved. Many times in a park we see a lady, with a sweet face, but with a badly trained dog, of a medium size pure breed that believes that its beloved owner is not going to let it do anything wrong, at any sign of a fight, the lady’s nerves go high and everything goes in excess and instantly the scene is transformed from drama to horror as she sees the victim terrified, she makes a lot of useless noise at the unexpected and explosive situation.

There is also the big gentleman with a really big dog, this dog has noticed the lady’s other dog and he stands in a privileged position of visualization and in his holier-than-thou manner of posing announces that everything is and will be fine, even when things become bloody.

And then, of course, there is the angry guy, this is the watchman who instead of helping to break up the fight, chases people with an attitude that blames them for the aggression, the disorder, and the bad weather.

The truth is that dog fights do happen and can be dangerous and it is the responsibility of all dog owners to know how to properly handle the situation.

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If your dog is involved in a fight, whether or not it is the aggressor, it is never okay to make the situation worse by panicking, by sitting back and doing nothing, or to incite hostility to the other owner by taking the blame instead of acting.

The best way to be prepared to safely handle a dogfight is to be familiar with it:

  1. – Things you should never do.
  1. – The actions available to regain control of dogs.
  1. – The situational variables that will determine what type of action you need to take.

What not to do to break up or stop a dog fight.

Dog trainers offer the following tips on what not to do when breaking up or stopping a dog fight

– First of all, don’t panic or scream, being agitated will only make the situation worse.

– Don’t try to separate the fighting dogs by putting yourself in the middle or your hands between them, or by grabbing the collar. Even if it is your dog that is acting aggressively and you think there is no way he or she would dare to bite you, I would advise you that you are totally mistaken, while participating in a fight, dogs bite everything within their reach and placing your hand in the fighting area is extremely dangerous.

– If only one dog is the aggressor, do not act on the dog that is being attacked. The aggressive dog will continue to attack, but you have immobilised the other dog that can no longer defend itself, this is especially true with regard to picking up the dog in your arms, you are not only immobilising it, but you are placing its body in the fighting area.

– Don’t run and hide, if your dog is involved, it is your responsibility to act.

– Don’t focus on the other owner, both of you should focus on safely resolving the fight between the dogs before choosing a human fight.

– If a dog is holding a bite to your dog, do not try to pull your dog out of the other dog’s mouth, this will cause further injury to your dog by tearing its flesh, act on the aggressor dog to make it release its bite.

dog fight meaning

That if it must be done to break up or stop a dogfight

Expert advice on the appropriate actions to take to break up a dogfight is that the actions a person should take to prevent or safely break up a dogfight are described in an order that is freely applicable to ascending levels of aggression.

– First use your voice and body language to regain control of your dog, this is usually appropriate before a fight begins, actually when dogs are just posing and displaying signs of aggression.

Make a sudden noise to create a distraction, move towards the dogs but not between them and act tough on the voice and posture, give your dog a warning elbow on his back, if possible, do something unpleasant like splash water on his face.

– If dogs have started fighting, grabbing the attacker by his tail and pulling him up and back, when he is grabbed by his tail, most dogs will also release a bite grip.

Continue to move backwards, pulling the dog by its tail so that it cannot turn around and bite it, if you are not the owner of that dog, continue to hold the dog by its tail until it has calmed down or the owner has arrived to take control of it.

– If the aggressor dog does not release the bite grip when you pull on his tail, grab his hind legs and turn around his back, 95% of dogs will leave a bite grip when he turns around on his back.

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It is very important that this is done correctly for the action to be safe and effective, you must firmly grasp one hind leg with the opposite hand, while placing the other hand.

In a sweeping upward motion, quickly pull the dog’s leg from under him, while pushing in another way, as soon as the dog is on his back, grab the other leg with your free hand so that you are holding both legs of the dog firmly.

From this position you can control the dog so that it cannot bite you, keep holding and manoeuvring the dog until it stops fighting, or the dog’s owner arrives to take control of it.

Under normal circumstances, grabbing the back leg can be terrifying and unpleasant for a dog, however, when dogs are fighting, they are in a different psychological state, completely consumed by the adrenaline and aggression of the fight. In this situation, the tipping action is not traumatic for the dog, rather, it serves to physically and mentally take away the fight.


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