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9 Giant Dog Breeds That You Should Know

Giant dog are very loyal and affectionate animals, big or small, they will always want to give you love.

Usually small dogs are usually preferred by people because their care is simpler, and also are more economical in terms of food,

However there are many people who are inclined towards giant dogs, So much so that they get very proud to have them, and do not give much importance to the costs of their food.

These types of dogs may not be able to live in all places, as they can not be in small places, but even if you have a spacious place,

A giant dog is your choice because behind its imposing physique there is a large Heart ready to give you all the unconditional support you need.

Giant Dog that dont shed

The most popular giant dog breeds

  1. Great Dane: Simply dressed this dog can even look like a horse because of its large size. Their gait and manner of walking are completely elegant, and possess a rather charming personality.
  1. Neapolitan mastiff: A large dog with a tendency to have many wrinkles on his face and a loose skin that is dropped, which makes him look totally nice and tender. He is very sociable and very affectionate with his family. This can is originally from ancient Rome.
  1. St. Bernard: Coming from the Alps. You should not be fooled by its large size, as it is simply a very affectionate dog with a super large body. The coat of this canine needs special care to make it look phenomenal.
  1. Bulldog of Bordeaux: He has a compact head and usually drool a lot. His personality stands out for his clumsiness, but this is a consequence of his size; Something that is overlooked since its sweetness and kindness with people make it very easy to win your heart. An advantage of having a Dogue de Bordeaux is that they are excellent dogs to watch over and protect territory.

Giant Dog for adoption

  1. Bullmastiff: It is a race created in laboratories with the purpose of protecting, however today people are looking for it to have company, or even both, since these dogs are perfect to comply with the protection and at the same time toast affection. They are quite docile and affectionate with their relatives, and can do everything in their power to keep them safe.
  1. Newfoundland: It is a breed of giant dog that with the simple fact of seeing it will already fascinate you. They are ideal for working, and they love doing outdoor activities. They are naturally loving and very fraternal. Newfoundland is always at your disposal to please its owners.
  1. Irish Wolfhound: It is a dog native to Ireland, characterized by its loyalty, sweetness and patience. Its creation was done in order to hunt, but today that changed and is an excellent canine to keep you company. Its structure is slender and has a refined demeanor, so you need to exercise more often compared to other giant breeds.

Giant Dog for sale

A giant dog crate is your choice because behind its imposing physique there is a big heart

  1. Mastiff English: It is one of the largest dogs worldwide. They love sharing with the family and are very sociable, until they come to feel empathy for people unknown or external to their group family environment.

They are very friendly with other animals, be they cats or dogs; However when it comes to bringing a new pet to live in the house, they tend to last a while in accepting it because they are territorial.

    1. Scottish Deerhound: They love to spend hours doing physical activity, specifically running. They are so friendly dogs that they do not serve to protect nor like guard dog. They become totally dependent on their owners, on such a scale that if their owner leaves it alone for a long time can feel very anxious.


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