Care of a Great Dane Dog

Do you know well what are the care for a Great Dane Dog?

The Great Dane dog is one of the largest dogs that exist around the world, and although its appearance at first sight can generate a bit of fear in people, it is actually a very sweet and sociable dog, which It makes an excellent companion, especially if you have children in your home.

The most outstanding characteristic of this breed of dog is its height.

The Great Dane dog is considered as an ancestor of the breed of dog currently known as German Doge, also of some dogs intended for hunting boars.

The appearance of this dog is like a kind of combination between the English mastiff and the hound.


Although now the Great Dane is seen as a dog whose kindness is as big as its size, in its origins it had a very different perspective of it since it was dedicated to fight very aggressively, that even fear caused as product of their character and their willingness to fight.

diseases of a Great Dane Dog

But then, as time went by all this was changing, until today that is known as a very affectionate and sociable dog.

Only a simple approach to the Great Dane dog will suffice to realize its docility and the great amount of love it has to offer, and this is where the famous saying that ‘appearances deceive’ is applied.

This dog, in addition to being very kind to people, emphasizing children, is also very friendly to other animals.

If they receive the training and are taught to socialize correctly from a young age, there will be no problem. However, if this does not happen they can become very scary and even aggressive when they are in new places and people they do not know.

It is one of the most recommended dogs to have when you have small children in the house, as the Great Dane will give all their effort to also protect children from any danger.

It is important that they feel accompanied and that they are not alone for long periods of time.

feeding a Great Dane Dog

The care of the Great Dane Dog


The care for the coat of the Great Dane dog is very simple, since it will usually suffice to brush them regularly in order to remove the dead hair.

The baths will be necessary only when the dogs have become dirty, and since it is a large breed of dog, it is best to take it to a specialized place so that they give the bath in the correct way.

It is a dog that needs to be physically active, so it should be exercised with some moderation, also it is best to get them out of the house frequently because they will stay more active than inside.

However, although it is a dog that is distinguished by its high altitude, they do not like to live outside the house, therefore it is suggested that they live inside, sharing with the family and taking them out for exercise.

Given its personality that is quite calm, it can be adapted without any problem to different types of homes, whether houses or apartments, the only limitation will be the space that the site has, because its size can cause some complications in very small homes.

Care of a Great Dane Dog

The Great Dane dog is one of the largest dogs that exist around the world


Also, it is extremely important that you think about it very well before adding a Great Dane to your family nucleus, due to the fact that being very large dogs represent a considerable economic expense in terms of feeding.

In addition, it is one of the dog breeds that has more risk of suffering from certain health problems, in fact among the most frequent diseases of the Great Dane are: hip dysplasia, osteosarcoma, cataracts, elbow dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, torsion gastric, etc.

It is essential to try as much as possible not to develop these diseases or detect them early in the Great Dane, and for this it is recommended that you take your dog a veterinarian every year to do the necessary follow-up, and also have updated their vaccines and deworming.

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The Great Dane dog is considered as an ancestor of the breed of dog currently known as German Bulldog



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